S Boy Names Hindu

S Boy Names Hindu – We love S boy names that are Hindu! They are some of the most beautiful boy names in the world. Finding the perfect boy name can be a challenge, but with a list of great names, you may find that perfect S name that will inspire you!

How To Find The Perfect Name

Thankfully, the hardest part is already over for you. Your family has chosen that the name will start with S, but you just have to find that perfect name. We have included names and meanings to better help you make that perfect choice. A baby name is for a lifetime.

Tips To Choose The Perfect S Boy Name In Hindu

Choosing a baby name requires a lot of thought. Here are some tips on how to choose that perfect baby name.

Write Down Your Top 10 Names

Have you and your partner write down their top ten name picks. Write down also why you like these names. Is it how it flows with your last name? Perhaps you like the meaning of the baby name. More over, you may like names that are phonetically pleasing. Whatever the case may be, come up with only the best names.

Listen to the names your partner has chosen. With each of these top twenty names, see if you have any that are the same. Put those to the side for later. In that pile may be the perfect baby name! If not, discuss and debate each name. Each partner gets one name that they can veto!

With time over the next few weeks, you will bring your list to just a coveted two to three names. Wear those names for a week and see which one fits. This root usually helps parents pick names that they would have never considered before but that works!

Honor A Parent or Loved One

Do you have a male figure in your life that has a S boy’s name? Maybe it is a father, grandfather, uncle or close family friend. Choose to honor a family member by naming your child after them. This will not only honor your special person but further create close family bonds. Your child will grow up knowing that they are named after a great person. Your honored person will know how much they mean to you and your family and that their presence has made a difference in your lives.

Sleep on It

If you have chosen “the” name, make sure to sleep on it. Good decisions are made on a good sleep so make sure to be well rested and sleep before you make the final call. Sometimes, after rest, we realize that our ideas and choices may not be what we truly think. Similarly, we can also know we have made the right choice and a great sleep just affirms our decision.

Finding the perfect boy name can be a challenge, but it does not have to be impossible if you follow this advice!

S Boy Names Hindu

Hindu boy names are some of the most beautiful names in the world. They are deep and full of meaning.  If you are looking for names that are popular and trendy we have you covered. Similarly, if you are looking for some rarer names with unique meanings, we have found the best S boy names in Hinu. You love the letter S and you know that you want a Hindu name to match for your little boy. Here are some great S boy names in Hindu with meanings to help you make this great decision of naming your adorable baby boy!

Popular S Boy Names Hindu

If you are looking for a name that is popular and trendy, we have many names for you. Ranked on popularity of potential parents, there are many wonderful choices for your little boy. These names are popular, trendy and have beautiful meanings that you and your family are going to love. Here are the most popular S boy names in Hindu to help you choose your S baby boy name.


This beautiful boys name means “beloved.”


A name that means “the manifestation of God.”


This name means one who is “never ending.”


Named after Lord Ayyapa.


This outdoorsy name means “rainbow.”


One who is conscious.


Named after Lord Indra.


This name means one who has “the truth.”


One who is respectful.


One who is pure.


This name means one who is completely pure.


A boy who is virtuous.


This name is in honor of Lord Rama.


A boy’s name meaning “one who is obedient.”


This is a name for a boy who is a war leader.


One who is full of friendship.


One who is completely capable of hard tasks.


This name means water.


This name is to honor Lord Shiva.


One who is the leader of all equality.


This name is both masculine and feminine. It means one who is “collected.”


A boy who is self-disciplined.


This name means “a breeze in the wind.” This name is a perfect outdoor based name.


This name means “resolve”. We love this strong boy’s name


This name is in honor of Lord Shiva.


This name means ocean. We love this water based name!

Unique Hindu Boy Names That Start With S

You are looking for an S boy name in Hindu, but you want something that is unique. There are many popular and trendy names but you are looking for a name that will stand out. Similarly, you want something with a great meaning that will mean something to you, your partner and your families. A rare name may be unique because over time it lost popularity. This can be your chance to bring it back! Secondly, a less popular name may be the name of an older family member that you would like to honor with your child being the namesake. Choosing a unique boy name makes your child memorable, stand out and you could bring back a forgotten name! Here are unique Hindu boy names that start with S.


One who is very tolerant of others. This is a name for a leader.


One who can endure. This is a strong boy’s name.


This name comes from the Pashtum meaning “early dawn” or “morning time.”


This name means one who is welcomed. We love this unique meaning name.


This name means one who is illuminated. This bright name is perfect for your little boy.


This rare boy’s name is a name that honors Lord Brahma.


This name means one who is the king of all dreams.


Similiarly to Swapnesh, this name means one who is in dreams.


This is for a boy who is pointed towards the heavens.


The name Swarup has a beautiful meaning, truth.


This name means a person who is independent and free.


This is one of our favorite boy name meanings. It stands for liberty and freedom. This strong boy’s name will be a favorite for many families.

Short S Boy Names

If you are looking for an S boy name in Hindu that is short and sweet for your little adorable baby boy. These names are quick and easy to remember.


A light ray.


A quick and easy to remember name all over the world.


This name means juicy.


One who is absolutely handsome.


This is a name that honors Lord Krishna.


This name honors Lord Vishnu.


The name Svar is for those who honor Lord Vishnu.


One who is a gentle person.


This name means flower.


S Boy Names Hindu

If you are looking for the perfect Hindu boy name that starts with the letter S, we have you covered and will keep you inspired. It is important to make a short list and sleep on it. When you have narrowed it down, wear the final names for a few days each and you will then be able to decide what name is best.

From trendy to traditional, from popular to rare baby names, your perfect S boy name in Hindu will be perfect for your adorable baby boy.

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