Today…  I was standing bedside taking that sleeping photo of Matthew. His nephrologist came in and looked his machine over. Asked his nurse how he was doing.. then turned to me and said … “he’s ready to go home now.”

I felt my blood rush straight to my head.. I lost my breath and luckily the rocking chair was right there. I sat down and took a breath. The doctor smiled her smile and all 5 of her students smiled also. Doctor said, “There isn’t anything else that he needs done. Everything else will be outpatient. Maybe next week or two.” Then that was it…

I looked at his nurse and was like. .is that it?! Lol… we started going over all the training we need to get done for discharge. Then the physical therapist came in.

I helped with his PT and we were all just so excited! I was talking to Matthew and telling him how excited I was for him to be home… and he smiled. A real genuine smile. The first real smile he has given me since September. He smiled…. I cried… therapist cried… nurse cried… *sigh* and Matthew smiled.

God’s plan in motion… I know life will be even harder with him home, but God’s strength, Love and His Power has prepared us for whatever He has planned. I am so GRATEFUL!

Praise God