Big Kid Bed- Are They Ready?

By: Rochel Ferman


Yep, this day comes for every parent. The secure and closed in sleeping space for your toddler needs to be upgraded. It is time for a big kid bed! Most toddlers between the ages of 2 and 3 move from their crib to a big kid bed and in most cases best to wait closer to 3.

What if your child climbs out of the crib prematurely around 16 months or 18 months? Should you give them a bed? NO! This is a very early age for a big bed and with another case of separation anxiety coming around the corner it is best to keep them in the crib for now. Try putting a sleep sack on them so they can’t climb out making their time in the crib a little longer. Another option is to try lowering the mattress to the floor but still inside the crib. Whichever one you choose, just be sure to be safe.

Having a big kid bed instead of a crib is not about the size of your child it is about the cognitive development of your child. As a parent be ready for some unexpected visits into your room. It is a learning process for your toddler to know the imaginary boundaries around their bed since before it was just bars of the cribJ! Whether they are 3 next week or you are expecting a new little one soon, here are some tips to make the process run smoothly!
Use the crib: Transitioning your crib into a toddler bed if you have a convertible crib can help this process run smoother. This will keep their environment the same and actual space the same to help them learn the new boundaries.
Make it fun: Take them shopping to pick out some fun sheets! Princess and superheroes always keep toddlers more safe and snuggly :)!
Nothing moves: If your crib was in the corner, put the toddler bed or new bed in the corner too. Keep the room familiar and space familiar with the same stuffed animals or special lovey.

Always remember not every kid is the same. Some move at 2 years old just fine and others really need to wait until they are 3 years old. Read your child’s signs of readiness. It could be potty training, starting school, or a soon to be older sibling! Whatever it is, make it fun and have fun with it!

Happy Transitioning!