*If you are on any medications, make sure to consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet*

Many people suffer from eczema. Whether it is a mild case or severe, many eczema sufferers want the itching to stop and just want some relief from the itching. Modern medicines may bring some relief, but people are looking for different options. The Eczema Diet brings a fresh perspective for eczema sufferers; change your diet!

If it is your child or yourself who have eczema, it can pop up at any stage in life at any time. The Eczema Diet believes that healthy skin and a healthy liver go hand in hand.

Author and nutritionist Karen Fischer spends the first few chapters of the book explaining any questions the reader may have. She answers everything from food allergies to detoxifying your body. Karen then sets you up for success by showing you the basics, how to eat and what portions of vegetables you should be having. She then goes into a detailed meal plan for both child and adult and has some yummy recipes to try!

The Eczema Diet ensures that you take each step carefully and is very detailed. Be sure to check out the safe food guidelines at the back of the book!


Eczema can be a problem that can hurt you or your child’s skin, self esteem and Karen Fischer attests that diet and nutrition can stop and prevent the itch of eczema. This is a must have book for all parents who are looking for answers.  Buy the book here today!