The Mom Award

By: Rochel Ferman

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As a mom, stay at home or working, the hours of work and time you have to be “on” is never ending. It is definitely the job that never sleeps! From the time our little one is born we have an unconditional love for them that only a mother can truly understand. It is different than any other love we have ever experienced. In the beginning we put endless days and nights into giving them the love, nutrition, and endless support to help them develop. Then they hit the toddler years and we still give them everything we possibly can but they are becoming “a little person” and want to be more independent. They even find it fun to throw a tantrum in their independent stride! And they grow for many years becoming more independent and still we give them the never-ending support and love that they need and that we want to give them. Whatever your child may grow up to be, whether it’s a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, or an Olympic athlete…you as a mom have been there every step of the way. So yes, you deserve the “mom award”. Actually I think after every year in the child’s life we as moms should get gold star on our charts, it’s a job that isn’t calculated nor fiscally measured, yet it is a job we proudly do because we want to and because our unconditional love for our child is never ending. So don’t forget to hug and kiss your child then call your mom and send them back the unconditional love they gave you for all their lives. The never-ending circle of love and life.