When Author Anthony Urzia passed away, his mother , Vincenzina Urzia made a bold and caring move to families who have had children struggle with drug abuse, teen depression and mental illness, she published her son’s poems. Anthony Urzia pulled himself out of dark places by writing. After passing away at only twenty five years old, Anthony found guidance and motivation by reading the Bible. Though he is no longer here, his poems live on.


Raw, emotional, brutally honest and intriguing, we watch Anthony sort out his life an emotions through the written word. The thoughts of someone who was passionate about life but was still trying to find his place resonate on every page.

This is a book that parents should read, to enter ( or for some of you) reenter a time where life is hard, confusing and find hope. This book teaches parents to encourage children to not suppress their emotions but to, like Anthony, use words, through story, song or poetry to express themselves.

Though The Baby Spot is truly sorry that Anthony is no longer with us, we are proud to know his words live on in Tapestries of Life’s Poetries. To buy this book, click here.