The Peace Tree From Hiroshima

The Little Bonsai With A Big Story



The Peace Tree From Hiroshima is an excellent book to introduce to your child about a little Bonsai Tree that survived the Hiroshima bombing in Japan.  The story is told by the Bonsai Tree, teaching children about his 400 year old life in Japan and the humans that this fortunate tree encounters. The little tree was taken by a man and placed in the family garden. Children and parnets a like learn about the beautiful garden in Hiroshima in which this bonsai lives.

Unfortunately, in 1945, the atomic bomb was dropped and many people were killed. Many parts of the city were reduced to rubble and somehow the tree and his family survived. For thirty years, Hiroshima rebuilt and with it, the tree grew. One day, the bonsai tree was offered as a peace symbol between the healed relationship of the United States and Japan. Displayed at the National Arboretum in Washington. Renamed the peace tree, this bonsai sits proudly, until one day, an old friend comes to visit him.


The story is touching and based on a true story. We also love the glossary in the back of the book where you can learn more about Bonsai Trees. What a wonderful gift to a child or a classroom to have a bonsai in honour/honor of the Peace Tree and to learn about patience and care when tending to this beautiful tree. This book, as many Tuttle Books are, is a perfect addition to your child’s library. It is a good way to also introduce the Second World War to your children. It will breed questions from them and to open a heavy subject with the healing and peace between two nations, is a great gift to give your children in understanding a complicated topic.


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