For almost every family, what our babies ingest is one of the most important things for the first year in life. Some of us are lucky to make our own baby food with fresh meat, vegetables and fruits, however, for the majority of parents who just do not have the time to make their own baby food, struggling to find a baby food brand that is organic, safe and not full of preservatives is hard. Just because we are working so much does not mean that our children deserve any less nutrition!

Chef’s Daughter has come to the rescue and is hitting the Greater Toronto Area  by storm. This Toronto based company has the answer for parents who are looking for organic food for their little one. Created for the owner’s own baby, Charlotte, Chef’s Daughter was concerned that children were not getting those precious omega 3s and 6s, not to mention, often times a nutritional diet. Chef and Dad David Chrystian and Mom Katherine Solomon created this wonderful company that cares about what goes into your babies diet. As for baby diet, having a baby has taught Mom and Dad to raise a child on good quality food. Their desire has now spread to their company and to every home that brings Chef’s Daughter into their lives.


In Chef’s Daughter’s Words…


Curated to contain the freshest possible seasonal produce, nutrient dense oils and fat, organic meats, sustainably caught fish and will never be pasteurized. While nutritionally packed, Chef’s Daughter is committed to developing tastes from a chef’s perspective. “We want to bring life to the food we feed our children. We want to help parents raise ‘baby foodies’, mini culinary global citizens who will try and taste everything.” Says Chef David Chrystian.

Not the average baby food, Chef David has worked diligently to incorporate the best and most nutritional ingredients in each jar of baby food. Chef’s Daughter menus are updated seasonally to ensure organic and local ingredients are used. Chef David uses greens such as Swiss chard, kale, spinach and parsley as sources of iron and fibre. In addition, herbs such as mint and spices including cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and fennel seed are added to increase the flavor profile and aid in digestion. Each jar contains coconut, flax seed, extra virgin olive or avocado oils, which are excellent ‘brain boosters’. Proteins used to increase iron levels are chicken and duck livers, bone marrow, chicken, beef and meat stocks.

Snacks and teething products are also available and created by Chef David to enhance baby’s dietary experience. The Teething Melon will soon be parent’s go-to during the trying teething stage. It helps ease the pain of teething as well as gives parents some comfort during this time. The Teething Melon is a stick of melon, soaked in chamomile and clove tea, vacuum compressed and frozen. Ready to use when baby is feeling discomfort from teething.


Chef’s Daughter delivers freshness weekly to families across Toronto. Orders can be placed each Thursday by 8PM. All orders are confirmed by Fridays and delivered Mondays. Individual items ($6 per jar) are available along with set meal plans (starting at $18), which create ease to the day-to-day.

The Travelling Baby. Chef’s Daughter goes above and beyond with their Vacation Kits. No matter the age of baby, Chef’s Daughter can deliver a full compliment of frozen puree compositions to travel with, or deliver them courier to most destinations.

Recycling Program. Jars used are completely recyclable and can be reused. Empty jars can be exchanged each week for fresh full jars. Once 12 jars have been reclaimed, a bonus jar is added to the next delivery.

About Chef David Chrystian
A prominent chef in the Toronto food scene for the past 20 years, Chef David Chrystian was a pioneer in the local food movement, opening Patriot restaurant featuring upscale Canadian cuisine nearly two decades ago, was the opening chef at The Drake hotel, and most recently the executive chef and partner at Victor restaurant at Hotel le Germain. David also gained national attention as a finalist on Top Chef Canada. His goal now is to help foster the next generation of food enthusiasts through Chef’s Daughter.

About Chef’s Daughter
A baby food delivery company devoted to help raise the next generation with good taste. Guiding parents and baby through each stage, Chef’s Daughter focuses on purees and textured foods satisfying babies from the weaning stage to eating meals with parents. Chef’s Daughter baby food will contain the freshest organic and natural ingredients and will never be pasteurized. Orders are placed online and delivered weekly in the GTA to ensure maximum freshness.


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