Are you looking for a great Contemporary Romantic Comedy to sit back with that glass of wine in your quiet moments and enjoy? The Perils of Pauline by Collette Yvonne is a great way to do just that.

Protagonist Pauline is an achiever, this Army veteran has a stable life, she has a great career, a good marriage (though she does notice her husband is a little absent) and two sweet little ones. However, one event throws this organized, fulfilled Mom of two such a loop that her “norm” will never be normal again!


When Pauline loses her job, she finds out that her estranged daughter comes back into her life with some unbelievable secrets. Her husband has proven he is not who he says he is and a new person has brought some romance into her life.


If you have ever felt that no matter how organized you are, that your life is just not working out no matter how much effort and time you put into it, enjoy this adventure about the trials and tribulations of Motherhood. Pauline’s character feels like a friend or confidant that is telling it like it is. Buy The Perils of Pauline here!