When you think “Rockstars”, you picture those guys and girls who party hard, seem to be running 24 hours a day partying, making music, starring in concerts and then getting up at 6am for a radio interview. That life is hard but as Dr. Gabrielle Francis knows more than anyone, the life of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll does take their toll. In reality, many Rockstars are on healthy diets. Dr. Francis knows this, because she is the one who puts them on these diets. Now who else is over exhausted, worked to the bone and always moving? That’s right, YOU! As a parent! The Rock Star Remedy was created for parents just like you to give you the energy you need to complete your day…day after day after day.

This book is no nonsense and easy to read. We loved the “harm reduction technique” sections that understand you’re not going to eat perfectly all of the time, but have easy to do tips and tricks to make that bad food a little healthier. We also enjoy the quotes from some of our favorite rockers, across the book.

the rock star remedy

Dr. Francis has made sure we understand every organ, its function and what foods nourish it. Many foods are broken down into their healthy components and the book talks about things that others do not, emotional stress and is impact in relation to food. We also love the helpful websites at the back.

Don’t just read The Rock Star Remedy, it is not just that, it’s a LIFESTYLE and let’s face it, we are as busy as rock stars and we are the tour managers to our own little celebrities. So love yourself a little more and get this book. It will change your life.