The Baby Show Toronto Review

The October 2018 was off to a great start last weekend with thousands of parents and parents to be pouring into the event to see what the latest was in baby clothes, accessories, products and overall news. WE decided to put The Toronto Baby Show to the test by bringing along our colleagues and friends, Momma Braga and Karen Silva.

How to Get There

The Baby Show in Toronto was at the Enercare Centre and had ample parking for drivers. We took the Go Train and got off at Exhibition Station. It was just a short walk from there!

We Were Moms with Children of All Ages

We ourselves are pregnant and have a five year old, while Momma Braga has a four year old and Karen Silva has a new baby. Let’s see if three Moms with children in different stages can have a great time!

When we arrived at The Baby Show, we were promptly given cloth bags (we love that they were environmentally friendly and not plastic) for purchases and samples (and there were a lot of samples! More on that later).

The Special Appearances

It’s no secret that the children LOVED the special appearances of the SUPER POPULAR PJ Masks, Peppa Pig and Cheer Bear from the Care bears. The lines were not long at all and in five minutes or less, we were allowed to pose with our children’s favorite characters for no extra cost.

Speaking of no extra cost, there was another short line for samples for parents and parents to be! There were two helpful volunteers who loaded us up with some great goodies.

The Public Speakers

There were so many fantastic public speakers to educate parents on everything from personal health to confidence. There was ample seating and very informative talks. We loved the talk from St. John Ambulance. We learned so much about the signs for women verses men when having a heart attack and were given a complimentary first aid kit at the end of the presentation. The speaker was informed, engaging and took time to answer any questions parents may have.

The Brands and Businesses

There were so many brands and businesses out there to help families. Safety First had an amazing Wi-Fi Baby Monitor that was making waves with parents.  You can stay connected with your baby right from your very own phone. Make sure they are sleeping soundly but staying safe with Safety First!

What Was the Hottest Trend Moms and Dads Were Talking About

We interviewed many Moms and Dads to be at the show and found out that the hottest items were baby slings. Moms and Dads loved the easy way to put them on so you can keep the baby close to you as you are around the house, running errands or taking a stroll.

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There were three stages for parents to visit.

The first is sponsored by Safety 1st which is the product and safety stage.


This is integral for new parents as there was Jason Colterman from St. John Ambulance, a Car Seat Safety demonstration with Catherine Ramey, and a Baby Proofing your Home talk with Paul Reed and Karoline Uba to mention a few.

Our friends at Parent Life Network organized the Seminar Stage.

Viewers got spoiled by Taya Griffin who was a lactation consultant, Dr. Paul speaking about vaccinations and Author Ann Douglas to name a few. This stage never disappointed!

The Health and Wellness Mat was hosted by RBC.

They had some fun interactive speakers including Dorothy Guerra from Yoga Birth Method who was empowering women to birth with mindfulness. We also saw a presentation from Salsa Babies on Sunday which was not to be missed!

There were so many speakers and experts to mention that viewers were really spoiled this year.


Our favorite stations included but were not limited to the complimentary massage station for parents and the breast feeding station. Breast feeding in peace is so nice and Moms can feed their babies and jump right back into checking out the different booths!

What Our Team Thought…

With my wonderful colleagues and friends, it was very interesting to see the thing that they were interested in. The Baby Spot loved looking for organic cleaning products for our five year old to have a clean house and to stay safe and products for Moms and Dads to be, we wanted to know how products have changed and upgraded since we last had a baby.

For Karen who has a new baby, she loved everything but was very interested in the speaking events to learn more about safety, health and lifestyle of parents, parents to be and babies. There were so many speaking events and talks to choose from that we walked away well informed. Karen even explained to us how women have different heart attack signals than men. Thank you again to St. John’s Ambulance for an incredible talk!

Melanie, owner of the global blog Momma Braga had four year old Nikki. Nikki proved that The Baby Show isn’t just for babies! The “big girls” can be entertained too! Nikki met so many special guests and got to hug and take pictures with some of her favorites. The times were organized and easy for parents to schedule around events and visiting booths. There was no extra charge and the special guests accommodated children of all ages. There were many products that were great for families that did not have babies and booths were very enthusiastic to engage with seasoned parents.

Some of Our Favorite Vendors


We all loved visiting booths and getting to know the vendors. Some of our favorites included but were not limited to: Kids Swag which is a Canadian company that inspires confidence through representation clothing, toys and accessories from around the world with positive black imagery. The owners were innovative, kind and passionate. We can’t wait to write an exclusive story about them!

One of our favorite brands, shoosha, which focuses on pure, organic and true products. They have even more products to choose from and we can’t wait to write an exclusive article right before Christmas about this fabulous brand!

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The question is not if you are going to use Shoosha, but WHEN. This brand is not only USDA Certified Organic skincare for you and your baby. No GMOs, its hypoallergenic and cruelty free.  Make sure to get The Shoosha truly organic Smoocha Lip Balm (we picked strawberry). You can thank us later.

We had a blast at The Baby Show and we can’t wait to go next year and see what kind of brands, businesses, public speakers and more were available. We have been to many Baby Shows and the event seems to get bigger and better every time we visit. What will next year bring? We will have to wait until next spring to find out!