Zoonicorn- Everyone loves Zoonicorn, the loveable television series for children. Available on Peacock TV, Happy Kids TV and Kidoodle, these lovable zebra-unicorns are in the dreams of little animals. Let’s discover how your children can connect even more with Zoonicorn away from the screen!


This lovable show is about those zebra loving unicorns taht go intot he dreams of young animals. Many incredible adventures ensue. What parents just love about this show is every episode teaches your chidlren about learning social and emotional skillsets. The show promotes resilience and optimism while always providing a safe space for the viewers. It is a family favorite!

Now, your children can interact with their favorite Zoonicorn off of the screens. We were gifted a Zoonicorn decal! These decals are eco-friendly, non toxic and fully customizable. The application was so easy to put on our wall. It only took one minute.

Where to Put My Zoonicorn Decal

Place these decals in your children’s room, nursery, playroom or if you own a Montessori or a Daycare. Buy one or many to fully decorate your child’s room! The compliments we received included the striking color of the decal. It really brings color to a neutral room and can easily become the focal point of a bedroom or a nursery. Secondly, your child will love to see their favourite characters on their wall. Whether it brings them comfort at night or gets them excited to go to their room to play, your child’s Zoonicorn Decal will delight a room.

zoonicron decal
Zoonicorn decal before applying it to the wall.

How To Apply Your Zoonicorn Decal

This is one of the simplest of decals we have ever applied! It only took a minute. We wanted our Zoonicorn decal to be the focal point of a bedroom. Therefore, we found a perfect space in a neutral part of the room that needed some color! The decal was easy to apply and when we thought we were making a mistake, we knew it was easy to just pull lightly and reset. If you wanted to take down your decal that was done with ease. It does not take paint with it. However, the decal itself is so pretty you and your child will never want to take it down!

What Is Zoonicorn To Your Family

Zoonicorn is more than a TV series. It is one of those special shows that teach morals and values to your child. Do you remember the television shows you watched when you were young? Zoonicorn will be one of those shows that has characters that your children will remember well into adulthood. They will recall the morals and values the show provided. When you decorate your children’s bedroom with characters that they love, you are providing them a safe, comfortable space for them to sleep and rest.

zoonicorn tv show

Since we sleep one third of our life, a child’s bedroom should bring delight and peace. Zoonicorn’s positive messaging stays with your child. It is a great tool to help you create a safe community for your little one to grow up in.