By: Himanshu Poswal

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Bangalore is blessed with an amazing location and hence, you would have an amazing set of options to explore on your road trip. Here are the best places to visit on a 4-day road trip in and around Bangalore/Karnataka:


1) Nandi Hills

60-70 km from Bangalore, Nandi hills is one of the most popular destinations among the Bangaloreans and the people visiting the city. You can drive/ride to here and settle for a short/long span of the time based on your convenience. A perfect exposure to nature, it will let you have an incredible escape from the city life. Avoid the trip during the monsoon because the hills ay get little slippery!


2) Pondicherry or Puducherry

Pondicherry used to be a French colony and such deep is the impact that even today, the signboards are written in the French even today. Reflection of the French ancestors is quite significant in the architecture, food and culture. A must visit for the colonial era buildings, churches, temples and the famous beaches, a road trip from Bangalore will leave you with an enriching experience.


3) Avalabetta

A small hillock some 90 km from the Bangalore city, Avalabetta offers the mesmerising views from the top. Known for the greenery and the blend of virgin nature, it is one of those trips which I enjoyed the most. The air was so fresh and being there with my friends and colleagues was once in a lifetime experience. Do not miss out on visiting the temples when you are around.


4) Sangam

If I am asked to list the best places I have ever visited, Sangam will be one on that list. An ideal trip from Bangalore, Sangam is located at the junction of the Cauvery and the Arkavathy rivers. What makes it influential is the passage of the water. Rushing through the granite rocks, it is an awesome sight to watch! A decent road and a fine picnic spot make it more favourite.


5) Hampi

350 km drive/ride from Bangalore and you are in the lap of the history! A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is marked by the banana plantations and the rocky boulder terrain. For a history lover in me, it was a delight and I was glad that I decided to be here. I took the road from Bellary to Hiriyur and further recommend to follow the same path. Several historians have even claimed it to be the forgotten city and the structure of Hampi confirms it further. Do return to present your views about this road trip.