We love Mom bloggers and here are some of our favorites for 2015! Follow these blogs and reach out to them on social media, each one of them is unique and a fantastic resource for parents.


Living In His Way

By The Tree Photography

By The Tree Photography






This blog is facinating, join Jen and her family as they live debt free (aside from a mortgage) and have easy to follow step by step tutorials to some great sewing projects. Be prepared for some great saving tips, some great DIYs and enjoy the blog posts as Jen raises her family in her faith. Beautiful blog.

In Jen’s Words…

I started blogging back in the fall of 2010 when my fiancé and I purchased our first home, a new build. I created the blog to update our friends and family on the construction progress of our home. I also shared a bit about my first year of teaching and gave updates on our upcoming wedding, while sharing my faith. However, we were married and had two children in quick succession, and life got busy. I stopped blogging, with the exception of few random updates throughout the years. In January of this year – with a GIANT list of ideas for blog posts mounting – I decided that I was going to pursue blogging as a “real” mommy blogger. Since then, I have been really focused on building my audience and finally sharing some of the projects and ideas I’ve had up my sleeve for quite some time. I really enjoy sharing about my life as a Mom of a toddler and a baby and it’s been great connecting with my readers as well as “meeting” other bloggers along the way.


Nature of A Momma

nature of a momma




Ciara has a great blog that is for those who want to be healthier, fitter and greener! This Mom of one has a great homemade bronzer article! We love this blog because it is honest, positive and gives great tips, stories and advice to living a healthy life. Fall in love with this family like we have.


In Ciara’s Words…

Over the past couple years my husband and I have gotten more and more into a healthy lifestyle and have learned a lot!
After having my first baby in November, I decided I wanted to share my experiences with others. Not just in pregnancy and motherhood, but also how to be healthy, make your own products, and just live a greener lifestyle.


 My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows

Looking at parenthood through wit, humor and a great drawing, Poop Rainbows has been our go to site for the real everyday struggles, laughter and fun you experience when being a parent. This blog is filled with great sketches to go along with every blog post. Check out this post of baby getting eight new teeth!  The Mama, The Mummy, the baby and the dog have many adventures in parenthood while living in bustling Bangkok, Thailand. Funny, honest and unique, this blog is one of our favorites. Bookmark it!

In The Mama’s Words…

The Mama from “My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows” survives, sweatily, in Bangkok Thailand with the Mummy, the Baby and the Dog. The Mama is a part time amateur blogger, a part time teacher and a full time toilet humor enthusiast. She started writing “My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows” as a way to share the funny which happens to her family on a regular basis and give other exhausted parents a laugh or two. She trained for a year as an illustrator in kindergarten and decided to put these hard earned skills to use with this blog. She loves connecting with people from all walks of life- be sure to stop by www.pooprainbows.com and say hi!

Living On Cloud Nine-Tips For Finding Bliss Everyday





So many new Moms are over forty, going through the joys and challenges of parenting. We love this blog because Andrea is giving a great blog for those Moms over 40! Moms over 40, you are beautiful, brilliant and now you have a great voice with Living on Cloud Nine!

We LOVE this post about raising teen boys. Our favorite part was raising future husbands, which is important to teach your children about respecting each other while dating.

This blog is positive and fun, full of inspiration, yummy recipes and parenting advice. You can tell with each post, Andrea speaks to you from the heart. Though all Moms will enjoy this blog, its a great advocate blog for Moms over 40!


In Andrea’s words…

My Name is Andrea Nine and my blog “Living On Cloud Nine” has been a dream of mine ever since I started reading blogs 5 years ago. I felt like there wasn’t a large number of moms over 40 blogging or mom blogs focused on teens, so I did it and made my dream a reality. My blog is meant to encourage, inspire and inform. I’m a forty something, happily married, mother of 3 awesome teenage sons who believes you’re never too old for fun, style and smiles. It might be a yummy recipe, parenting tidbits, a cute outfit, product ideas or just a random, uplifting post. I’m a self proclaimed chef and fashionista whose #1 priority in life is my family. Like most of us, I’m still a work in progress but I hope if you’ll hop on Cloud Nine with me, I can bring a little sunshine to your day.

 Baby and Life



Baby and Life is an action packed blog by Yashy Murphy, a mom who has lived in many countries and now explores everything baby, while giving some great tips in her current city of Toronto, Canada. We loved Baby’s first foods post!

Yashy gives great advice and tips but has a wonderful way of writing as if you are her friend and you are sharing stories.This blog is definitely one that you can search through and find endless inspiration and information. Fall in love with this family like we did.



In Yashy’s words…

Yashy Murphy is a downtown Toronto living (and loving) gal about the city. She was at home with her two week old and decided to share their city escapades which is how her blog Baby & Life started. Born in Sri Lanka raised in Dubai, Bahrain, Pakistan, U.S, Australia and England, Yashy’s passions include wine, dining out, cooking, enjoying craft drinks, travelling, hunting for random fun events in the city and … exploring all things baby related. With two kids under the age of four she and her husband continues to explore everything that fascinates them! Their goal is to encourage young families to maintain the pre baby life, post baby. Having dined out and traveled to over 37 cities in 9 countries since the first baby was born three years ago, they encourage you to travel and enjoy the culinary offerings in your own city!




Creative Wife and Joyful Worker







Codi Lynn is a wife and a Mother of two who is a multi tasking Mom full of creativity and insight! She works, takes care of her kids and goes to graphic design school. Her faith makes her strong and her wisdom and creative mind soars through this blog.


We can’t get over how creative this DIY Easter Egg Decorating post is! Codi Lynn is just a wealth of creativity that any parent would love to use her blog for insight and inspiration. Her posts are from the heart, which makes Codi Lynn and her family immediately likeable. We see big things for this blog so keep checking up on Codi Lynn’s Creative Wife and Joyful Worker!


In Codi Lynn’s Words…
Hi! I am Codi Lynn, a wife and mother of two—though there is much more to me than that. I am currently working part-time, home with the kids on my days off and attending graphic design school in the evenings and weekend. Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to “be” and where I wanted to “go” with life. My constant has always been my faith in God and knowing that he has the pen that writes the story to my life. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times in my past where my faith has been stronger and more vibrant than other times, but I could always be at peace with the knowledge that He has a plan for me.
While away on a family vacation last summer I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to start a blog. My blog would be a way to get connected with like-minded individuals, and learn from other hard working small business owners all at the same time, Creative Wife + Joyful Worker was made. Though these were some of my original thoughts and reasons for starting my blog, it has ended up turning into something much bigger—much more valuable. I have picked up so many new skills, gained so much inspiration, and built relationships with mothers that I otherwise would not have been able to. This community means so much to me and has been a continuous blessings and outlet of resources for reassurance and helpful tips while parenting.
I have plans in the nearish future to open up a small shop of my own, though the planning and process of opening a shop has proven larger than expected. Though I believe, that when it is meant to happen it will. I am inspired daily by my friends and family. I have a love for photography and seeing the beauty in all things. I follow a number of bloggers, small business owners, photographers and stylists on Instagram and find it to be my favourite avenue for inspiration as well as communicating with these like-minded creative individuals. I find my head over flowing with ideas while in class working on projects and I am in the works of starting a company of my own. I am so excited for this new venture. If you are interested in learning more about me, following my story, and connecting with me through a social network… come say hi and don’t be shy.