Top Parenting Tweets That Made Us Laugh January

There are so many parenting accounts out there that make us laugh, make us think and tell it like it is. We want to highlight these fantastic parents because they deserve your love and support! Be sure to follow each and every person and check out their sites as well! These Moms, Dads, family members and guardians will get you laughing.

A bearer of Dad News had this post in 2019 that we loved that needs to be shared again. A classic Dad joke.


How many of us can relate to The Mum Bum right now? Hands up!!! 100%. So true Noy My Third Rodeo, you are not alone!

So true Kayleigh, so true!

Love this, it’s so relateable. Happy New Year!

You’re beautiful and we love those face masks! #beautyregime

This is so true for all parents!!

“Your body will be used as a jungle gym by your kids.” Said no parent book EVER.

We relate to you Mom and Cola! The never ending story of laundry…

5 Years old going on 35! So cute Nikki!

This made us laugh out loud!

Oh my gosh Vivian, we don’t think our birth date is on their either!

We have all been there Derrick!!!


Support these amazing people and folllow them today!

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