Blogger of the Year is….Happy 2019!

Our Blogger of The Year is Laura from The Mamma Fairy. This blogger lives in Ireland and is the Mother of two beautiful little boys. However, her life is busy! Balancing work, her exploding blog and her travel schedule for the blog, readers can enjoy Laura and her family exploring the world and finding those family friendly places that are unique, fun and special for the entire family. She also reviews products that families love and you will always find her positive and cheery attitude a welcomed break from your day. You may remember Laura and The Mamma Fairy from our top Mom Bloggers list from 2016 to 2018 and  Bronze Winner at the Irish Blog Awards for Best Parenting Blog in 2017. Laura was also an integral part in helping The Baby Spot promote Ireland, our country of the year for 2018.

Whether you are a traveling family or a family who can’t or doesn’t travel, you will be intrigued with Laura’s Lifestyle Travel Family blog and how she and her family find the cities and little escapes that are extra special. Every post will have you learning a little more about the world around us. So sit back and enjoy Laura! She has so much wisdom to share with you all!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family!

My name is Laura, I’m a travel obsessed full time working mother of two adorable if a little crazy boys ages 6 and 3. We split our time between Dublin and Donegal which gives us the ideal mix of city and country life.


Laura, tell us what motivated you to start your blog?

I started the blog during a hospital stay while pregnant with my youngest in late 2014. During those days in the hospital I read multiple blogs and thought to myself why not chart my pregnancy journey for my own reading not really caring if anybody else read it. It was after he was born in mid 2015 that I realized people actually enjoyed reading my ramblings and following that brands began making contact and things really took off. I really do love writing and feel honored that people take the time to read my writing.

What is it like being a working Mom to two little boys?

I wont lie, it can be very challenging and with it comes the inevitable guilt from being away from the kids.  I am in a very fortunate position that their granny minds them and I do have a very flexible arrangement with work.  However, I do subscribe to the old adage of happy mother happy kids and to be honest I do enjoy my job.


What is it like being a lifestyle and travel blogger?

This combines two of the (many) loves in my life writing and traveling! We traveled a lot before we had kids and vowed to keep it up when the kids were born and that exactly what we did. Travel is good for the soul and broadens the mind. I feel very blessed to be able to give my kids that opportunity to experience new cultures and countries and I hope just like my parents did for me that they will grow up to accept the world and its many races, people, cultures and traditions and have respect for people and their differences.


What other parenting topics can our readers see on your blog?

Aside from travel, there will be a mix of my interior projects, toy reviews and my usual random ramblings about topical issues.


What is your top 5 favorite family friendly destinations?

In no particular order id have to say:

  • Niagara Falls –our first long haul as a family of 4 will always hold a special place in my heart
  • Harveys Point, Donegal-We got married here quite a few years ago but return every year with the growing brood! It is just wow, the food, the ambience the staff.
  • Iceland – I left some of my heart here back in September and I just long to go back.
  • Alvor, Portugal – we take an extended family trip here each year. There is something for all ages. Canico Restaurant at Prainha Village is my ultimate food spot and I get so excited to return each year.
  • Lapland – We have just returned from here and it has renewed the magic of Christmas for me. Magical is the only way to describe it



Which destination did you and your family like best?

Its really impossible to say. We have been so fortunate to visit so many different places and each have their own merits and memories for us.

Where do you have planned to visit in 2019?

We have already firmed up Edinburgh and Bratislava.  We are currently planning our long-haul trip and are torn between the wonderful but incredibly different cities of New York and Montreal.  We will squeeze in another couple of trips before 2019 is out.


What awards have you won for your blog recently?

We were very excited to have won Bronze at the Irish Blog Awards for Best Parenting Blog. It was genuinely a huge surprise as the competition was fierce. I don’t blog for the accolades, but it is really nice to win an award. I was a finalist the previous 2 years so to place this year was very special.


Where do you see your blog in five years?

That’s an interesting question. While I started at very much in the parenting niche, my heart has led my blog to be much more travel focused. I suspect over the coming years you can certainly expect a lot more travel content especially as the kids get older we will be more inclined to venture further afield in terms of destination. You never know perhaps my oldest might even start to contribute his views on the various destinations we visit.

I do very much hope that my blog continues to be the catalyst in making some very special blog friends all over the world. This was been a very welcome but unexpected highlight of my blogging journey.

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