When your child begins to grow into a young adult many parents want to help through their voyage from high school to college and beyond. The world can be a scary place and it’s been years since you have experienced this feeling of choosing your own adventure. Author Hal Runkel, is one of the world’s most trusted resources for life improvement and he is going to help your child choose their own adulthood.

Cleverly named, this book makes reference to the wonderful “Choose Your Own Adventure” children’s books, except your child is the hero and this is their life.Hal has a special way of reassuring your teen that everything is going to be okay when they may big decisions. He takes big concepts and executes explanation in a clear and easy to understand manner. This read is not only great for teens but for adults too! Both can learn some great lessons from reading these pages.

The book is a perfect compact size that a teen can easily slip into their purse or take with them to college for further reference.

Instead of fearing or disregarding these big choices, Hal encourages children to approach these choices with self awareness, thoughtfulness and embracing curiosity. Hal’s current references and laid back style of writing puts a worried teen at ease and they will just soar through this book, using it as a friendly reference guide through out the next few years of their life.

We think this book will put both teens and their parents at ease. This life hack guide is the coolest way of teaching your teen that the smallest choices they make have the biggest difference in their lives.