The Special Little and Big People In Your Life Will Fall Head Over Heels For Sentimental And Festive Valentine’s Day Gifts By Isabelle Grace Jewelry, Lorena Canals, Feltman Brothers, DockATot, And Finn + Emma
Valentine’s Day is almost here! On this special day of love, we all enjoy giving and receiving sentimental gifts and surrounding ourselves with traditional hearts, captivating pinks, ravishing reds! This Valentine’s Day, you’ll be seeing hearts, reds, and pinks all over with gush-worthy gifts by Isabelle Grace Jewelry, Lorena Canals, Feltman Brothers, DockATot, and Finn + Emma! The below gift picks will make all of your loved ones starry-eyed and filled with so much love this Valentine’s Day.
Tell Mom “I Love You” In an Extra Special Way with Isabelle Grace Jewelry
She is your greatest role model, your most trustworthy confident, and your best friend…tell mom how she means to you this Valentine’s Day with a personalized gift from Isabelle Grace Jewelry! The below necklaces can be customized with her initials, her name or her kids’ names, or a special message, making them truly meaningful. She will love keeping you close to her heart with these gorgeously distinctive gifts!
Pictured from left to right and top to bottom: Crossed Arrows Necklace ($96), Arrow To The Heart Necklace ($140), Heart Name Charm Necklace ($98), Distressed Heart Necklace ($66), Callista Charm Necklace ($38), Love Dog Tag Necklace ($140), Sweet Hearts Name Charm Necklace ($130), Plume Heart Charm ($185), The Love Locket ($265), The Love Tag with Gold Heart Necklace ($120), and Curved Bar Necklace ($145).
Isabelle Grace Jewelry’s Top Gifts for Mom & Daughter
Moms and daughters connect on a level unlike any other. Help them celebrate their special bond with a stylish and unique gift from Isabelle Grace Jewelry! Gift picks like the Twisted Love Necklace and the glittering Hearts Alight Necklaces will help them match and commemorate their closeness this valentine’s Day.
Hearts Alight Necklace – It’s all about love with the new Hearts Alight Collection. Each Hearts Alight Necklace ($56) features a heart-shaped Swarovski Crystal made radiant with star faceting, in an array of lovely hues, like Crystal Paradise, Fuchsia, and Vintage Rose. 
Twisted Love Necklace – This unique heart shape symbolizes the intricate nature of love. Available in Silver or Gold Plated, the Twisted Love Charm ($65) measures 1 inch wide by 1/2 tall. 
Say “I Love You!” To Your Kiddos, Tweens, and Teens With Personalized Necklaces
With Isabelle Grace Jewelry, you will give your kids something to truly rave about this Valentine’s Day! Featuring lovable hearts, the below necklaces are a chic, one-of-a-kind way to help you show your pretty princess and teen fashion queens how much you adore them.
Pictured: All My Love Necklace ($65), Lovely Hearts Necklace ($60), Lovely Hearts Bracelet ($45), and Petite Necklace with Heart Charm ($50).
Must-Have Valentine’s Day Picks from Lorena Canals Machine-Washable Rugs & Cushions
This Valentine’s Day, you will be seeing red, pink, and hearts with fashionable, machine-washable rugs and cushions by Lorena Canals! You will love how Lorena Canals rugs are non-toxic, natural, hygienic, machine-washable, hypoallergenic, and eco chic. Not only are Lorena Canals machine-washable rugs exceptionally made, but they are also functional, convenient, and environmentally-friendly. Lorena Canals also shares the love, as the company finances the education of over 100 children in northern India, giving them the opportunity to decide their future
Top Valentine’s Day Rugs (from left to right and top to bottom): Hearts Pink ($200), Hearts Fuchsia ($200), Polka Dots Pink-White ($200), Polka Dots Red-White ($200), Braids Soft Pink ($129), Hippy Soft Pink ($227), Baby Petit Point Pink ($208), Sky Pink ($200), Little Biscuit Pink ($200), Blonda Pink ($200), Biscuit Pink ($200), Biscuit Red ($200), Wings Pink-Gold ($279), UK Flag Baby Pink ($200), USA Flag Baby Pink ($200), Skull Dark Grey – Pink ($279), Stars Silhouette Pink – White ($200), Flowers Pink ($200), Solidary Pink ($200), Numbers Pink ($200), ABC Pink ($200), Clouds Pink ($200), Farm Pink ($200), Indian Bag Grey-Pink ($299), Ombré Vanilla – Soft Pink ($249), and Stripes Coral Pink ($200).
Cushions for a Cozy Valentine’s Day
Created with care and produced individually by skilled artisans, these handmade cushions pair with Lorena Canals’ chic rugs and will add a lovely, cozy ambiance to any room. Featuring non-toxic dyes and 100% cotton, they are easily washable at home in a conventional washing machine. Choose from Heart Fuchsia, Heart Pink, Heart Dark Grey, Heart Light Grey, Heart Linen, and Heart White. $55.

Feltman Brothers’ Top Valentine’s Day Fashions for Your Little Love Bug Baby
From frilly pink dresses to cuddly hoodies, to charming hairbands that will make her ready for any family photo, the below fashions will ensure your little tot looks nothing but adorable on Valentine’s Day. Feltman Brothers has combined their beautiful embroidered vintage stylings with baby-friendly functionality to create items for everyday comfort! These aren’t pieces to be kept in the drawer for a special occasion but are meant to be used and appreciated for years, and generations, to come!
The 100% all natural pima cotton from Peru is the most durable, highest quality cotton grown. Feltman Brothers has stayed true to their standards for heirloom quality pieces to ensure that each item will last and last, through multiple wearings and washings.
Dashing Dresses: Dress with Lace Inlays ($58.99), Bouquet Collection A-Line Dress w/ Flysleeve & Panty, Floral Bullions & Lace Dress ($66.50), Sleeveless Dress with Lace and Pintucks ($64.99), Rose Garden Dress ($61.99), and Smocked Rosebud Dress ($59.99).
Faux Fur Blanket in Pink – Soft, snuggly, and beautiful! This is a baby blanket that you will use as a crib blanket, stroller blanket, and every occasion blanket. This beautiful faux fur blanket is so soft on the babies skin and will wash well time and time again. One side of the baby blanket has a striped design and the reverse side has a polka dot design. $30.99.
Garden Smocked Headband
Little girl, little girl-pretty as can be in this gorgeous smocked headband. The design on this is just classy, dainty, and elegent for your little girl! $18.95.
Girls Mocked Booties – Oh we know! We know how much you are going to love these little girl mock booties. Featured left to right are the Knit Mocked Booties priced at $29.95 and the Mary Jane Booties with Lace priced at $23.85. They are precious, precious and will look even more precious on your little girl. 

Pretty in pink and everything nice. Perfect for the winter chill, these little cardigans are just beautiful for V-day and beyond!
Pictured from left to right: Cardigan with Rose and Bows– ($33.99). Cardigan with Floral Emblem Pearl Embroidery– ($45.95). Hooded Cable Cardigan– ($44.50). Crocheted Flowers Cardigan– ($37.50)
. (Also pictured in white)
DockATot’s Pink Multifunctional Baby Loungers for Baby
The DockATot baby lounger gives parents a safe, snug spot for little ones to comfortably relax, play, and get in tummy time and sleep with a unique shape and design. Moms and dads love DockATot’s portability, it can go anywhere at anytime so baby can get the rest he or she needs at home and anywhere. For a baby to be perfectly comfortable and safe, we need to think not just about their global climate, but about their microclimate as well. DockATot is hypo allergenic made with the most nurturing and hygienic fabrics that also have excellent air-permeability. DockAtot provides the ideal microclimate that mimics the womb. It’s 100% breathable and even safety tested in the UK for air permeability.
Top pink designs for Valentine’s Day: Coral Trellis, Strawberry Creme 
Finn + Emma’s Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for Baby
Finn + Emma manufactures all natural baby clothes, toys, and gifts made from organic cotton & wood. The Earth-friendly, non-toxic, and fair trade gifts all feature modern baby prints and colors. Here we live in the balance of stylish and sustainable, classic and contemporary, whimsical and sophisticated. Here, boring designs and toxic chemicals are a thing of the past while modern colors, fresh prints, and heirloom quality construction are abundant. 
This fair trade wood teething rattle is made in India from untreated Indian hardwood, finished with non-toxic vegetable seed wax, and stuffed with beans. They’re Indian cooking beans and they make the rattle sound like the ocean when shaken. The wood teething rattle is soft, smooth, and very safe for your precious little mouth to bite! Retails for $19.00.
Finn + Emma teething rings are made from untreated Indian hardwood and finished with non-toxic vegetable seed wax. The doll is hand knit with 100% G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton yarn and stuffed with sheep’s wool. Featuring eco-friendly inks and dyes, it rattles, too! The teething rings and mini rattles are trustworthy friends who’ll keep your gums pain free as your shiny new teeth grow in strong and white! Made in Peru and India. 
Pictured from left to right: Mila Teething Ring ($29),Clementine Teething Ring ($29), Mini Rattle Mila ($22), Mini Rattle Clementine ($22), Penny the Pigeon Rattle Buddy ($28), Stella the Sparrow Rattle Buddy ($28), Belle the Bunny Rattle Buddy ($28), Lily the Pika Mini Rattle ($22), and Belle the Bunny Mini Rattle ($22).

Let your tot strut their stuff in our P.J.s. Sturdy and soft, they’re made with buttery-soft 100% G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton and feature an adorable print. They are sure to keep your little one comfortable and stylish through the night or on a lazy Sunday. Also features eco-friendly inks and dyes and a wide elastic waistband for extra comfort. Made in India, the pajamas retail for $34 online.