“Judge Mommy”


By: https://twitter.com/HaikuCiani

“You’re *still* breastfeeding?!?!”
Disgust written on their face.
Judge not, lest be judged!

I didn’t plan on extended breastfeeding, but here I sit with a 19 month old suckling me like he’s an infant. In ways, it makes me feel like he’s still my baby. In other ways, i often feel judged.


As a stay at home mom, who quite frankly doesn’t get out much, not many people are exposed to my daily nursing habits. I’ve always tried my best to be discreet when I do venture out. I’ve nursed in corners and cars, all covered up. There is nothing wrong with nursing openly, there’s also nothing wrong with feeding your baby a bottle in public. My bottom line is… Are you doing your best to feed your baby? Way to go, Mom!!!

What parenting behaviors makes you feel like you’re being unfairly judged? Feeding practices? Childcare choices? Discipline techniques? Routines? Sleeping habits?

And can you recall any times when you were the judger? Was the behavior of the parent endangering their child, or was it just different than what you are used to?

Perhaps if we make less judgements and show more support, we in turn will feel less judged! If we all have our child’s best interest at heart, trust that we’re all doing the best we can.