NIVEA is known for being an all purpose moisturizer for the whole family. NIVEA cream provides a gentle but rich care for your skin, which protects it from drying out. It can be used everywhere, your face, body and hands! We especially love it for elbows and knees and it is recommended for all skin types.


NIVEA is now introducing “NIVEA Fairy Tales, which is a range of a LIMITED edition, collectable tins that have beautiful illustrations.

During your child’s nighttime bath, you bond with your little one as they get ready for bed. NIVEA knows how much bonding time is important for a parent and child and wants to provide a way to make night time an even more special time with your child.

NIVEA Fairy Tale was created through the range of four limited edition NIVEA creme tins, A bedtime “fairy tale” is available with each design. Each fairy tale is engaging and inspirational, guaranteed to delight your child before bed. Each story has positive values, something both parents and NIVEA strongly believe in.

Written by Udo Weigelt and Illustrated by Joelle Tourlonias, your child will be inspired with each tale which has four key positive elements: care, protection, simplicity and family. Together with NIVEA, you and your child can enjoy the perfect bedtime ritual which will be a fond memory for your little one and yourself as they grow up.

The Four Stories Are:

Leo, Rabbit and The Snowstorm, Fairy Rescues The Snowman, Rabbit Goes Ice Skating and Mia, Leo and the Christmas Star. This limited edition range will be available in stores in November.

When you purchase a NIVEA Tales kit, you will receive a URL that takes you to that showcases four digitally animated stories! There are also digital games to be played! NIVEA knows how to spoil its customers!


When we think of NIVEA, we think of family, togetherness, comfort and memories. Make Nivea a part of your family today.