What Does Little Crocodile Say At The Beach – A day at the beach is always an adventure. Little Crocodile and Dad go to the beach to catch the sun, sand and surf. Little Crocodile is ready to enjoy a bike ride down to the beach, have some ice cream and explore everything the sands and sun have to offer.

It seems like the perfect day! Author Eva Montanari plays on the sights and sounds of the life of Little Crocodile and Dad. Your smallest toddler will love this book and the discoveries that Little Crocodile sees. They will be able to relate to the wonderful sounds of the beach and water. Getting a tasty treat is perfect as well! This will encourage your little preschoolers to read as well, learning some of the onomatopoeia sounds that are so relatable. Your preschooler will start to learn the important words and phrases.

Why We Love This Book

What Does Little Crocodile Say At The Beach is a great book for toddlers to young children. They will love the wonderful sights that Little Crocodile sees and how Little Crocodile interacts with his environment. Parents will enjoy how this book plays with imagination and adventure. Parents will also appreciate how this book encourages even their tiniest of tots to start reading and enjoying books.

This may mean you will have to take your children to the beach sooner than you think! Barbeques, tasty treats, sun, sand and water is a perfect way to spend a family day.

The illustrations are beautiful and your child will love it! They will relate it to their own family having day trips and adventures.

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For your toddlers, get them to act out each sound that they are reading. Can they associate the sound and act it out for themselves? This will encourage imagination.

Secondly, have your child draw what Little Crocodile says at the beach. Alternatively, have them draw a picture of themselves with you at the beach. What do they say at the beach? It would be interesting for your children to highlight what they like to do best with you on a beachy day.