What Does Little Crocodile Say?

It is a litle crocodile’s first day of preschool and he is hesitant to go! Little Crocodile is absorbing all of the sounds around him through out his day. This touching book is going to be a toddler and parent favorite! You will bond with your little one over What Does Little Crocodile Say?

A Beautiful Book About a little crocodile’s first day of school, we see a beautiful rhyming story about all of the amazing sounds that little Crocodile hears during the time in preschool. There are highs and lows of preschool and we get to see it all!

Sensory Friendly Book

This book is extremely sensory friendly to little toddlers learning their words and imitating sounds. Many young children love to imitate sounds that they hear in their daily experiences. This book is full of onomatopoeia and it will get your toddler reading along with you time after time! Your child will be learning the importance of new experiences, trying your best and the love of family. Author Eva Montanari  is a veteran writing beautiful children’s books and this one emphasizes the importance of childhood: growth, trying new things and loving your family. There are so many wonderful lessons to learn in this story!

Similarly, the illustrations will warm your heart. Look for Dad’s beautiful tears when he is embraced by his baby at the end of the book and the tears of little Crocodile when he is dropped off at school for the first time. Beautiful emotion is not spared in this tale, making it something that toddlers will relate to as they really study and start to understand emotion. The drawings are stunning.

Extra Credit

Have your toddler read along with the book and see how much of it they can act out. This is one of the first stages of reading! Get your toddler to identify the different animals in the story. You will be surprised how much they know!

A Book About Sensory Skills, Identifying Skills and Loving Your Family

Toddlers are always studying the people around them. They are little balls of emotions and are learning how to convey those emotions in different situations. This book really helps children convey emotions, learn what it is like to be in new environments and develop sensory skills through sound. What Does Little Crocodile Say is going to be that book you read over and over again with your toddler and marvel at how much they are retaining! Another wonderful book From Tundra Books.