Are you breaking out into pimples or hives? Do you have dry or rashy skin? What is your skin trying to tell you? If you are like many Moms, you have had skin blemishes or problems during or after your pregnancy. The 8 Week Healthy Skin Diet not only preps your skin for a healthier lifestyle, but teaches you how to get to know your skin and has some yummy healthy skin recipes too!

The 8 Week Healthy Skin Diet goes into detail explaining the biggest organ of your body, your skin! Learn about the different layers and become educated about genetics, Western Diets and more that affect your skin. The book then goes into your bodies pH balance and how to moisturize from the inside out.  Is sweating good for your skin? You bet it is!

8 week

There is also information on a children’s clear skin program, being beautiful and healthy and of course the program itself. Let us not forget about the yummy recipes! We like the children’s lunch and dinner suggestions best.

We work out our body, we are around chemicals everyday, yet so many of us neglect the biggest organ in our bodies, our skin. The 8 Week Healthy Skin Diet can help you get on track no matter what your age and give you that boost you need to have a healthy, happy life! This is a book you will return to time and time again, so it is best to have it in your personal library. Buy it here!