My belly no longer looks like I have had a big lunch. I can definitely feel my little one kick and I have long passed that half way mark of my pregnancy. I am decorating a nursery, while preparing for my life to change. One day after getting an inside scoop about labour from a Mom friend of mine, she suggested I go on a baby moon. WHAT IS THAT?

Its a time where you go away on a nice trip, whether it be a weekend getaway, or if you can afford it, an overseas trip of a lifetime. A Baby Moon is like a honeymoon. Instead of celebrating the beginning of your marriage, you are celebrating a quiet vacation with your partner before you have a baby.


People usually take a Baby Moon in their second trimester, when most women have gotten over their morning sickness (we said most women, but not all do) and they are not too far along in their pregnancy that it is still safe to travel away from the hospital. Whether it is a fun camping trip, a pampering spa date or a trip somewhere new, more and more couples are doing their version of a Baby Moon.


Growing a baby is hard! Why not treat yourself and your hubby to a relaxing vacation? Check deals on popular travel websites or plan a road trip (with a lot of bathroom breaks) somewhere new or somewhere that can provide a slower paced, relaxing lifestyle. If your budget is tight,pick a weekend where you do absolutely nothing, no chores, no guests over and have your favourite meals! Take time to soak in the tub, kick up your heels and get as much rest as you can.