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Our Philosophy

In the parenting world, we search endlessly for a clothing line that is organic , unique in style and comfortable for our child to move in freely. Some clothes are beautiful but are so stiff, your child cannot ‘live’ in them. Other clothing lines are very comfortable but lack in uniqueness and design. My Boo and You matches both categories! There are many reasons why this company is great, but one of them is because each article of clothing is designed by parents for kids!

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Featuring organic clothing, dried flower ornaments (such a great idea!) and baby gift baskets (coming soon!) My Boo and You has a line of clothing that is fun, comfortable and designs that you and your child will love!

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Whether you are looking for a tee shirt to announce that your little one is going to be a big sister or big brother or commemorate a wonderful holiday, this brand is organic, made in the USA and has unique, adorable designs that your child will love.

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