Douglas Mattress Makes Sleep Great

Having a bad mattress is the worst! Not only do you wake up every morning not rested, but it affects your whole day. A bad sleep can change your mood, hinder your decision making and can put a strain on your relationships.

When you go to sleep, you need to wake up rested. Yes, it’s possible to get rest, but not be rested.  Many parents all over the world go to sleep but do not wake up rested. There are sleep interruptions, such as your little one crying at night or your snoring partner right beside you. You deserve a well-rested sleep. Waking up tired could mean poor job performance, mood changes, health challenges and more. Your mattress may be old (you should change them every seven to ten years) and you may be getting back aches or other ailments. Your sleep time should not affect your time awake so much, but it does. Sleep is integral as is the mattress you choose to rest on.

The Rules To A Great Sleep

We have all heard the rules to a great sleep. A great mattress, 7-9 hours a night and more. These people must have a limitless budget and no little ones crying at night for their parent! We believe everyone deserves a comfortable mattress that gets you excited about sleep and helps you rest at night! Something that is so comfortable that if you have your child has to sleep with you at night that they are comfortable too! When we were introduced to Douglas Mattress we were intrigued. Not only did the company boast a comfortable mattress with so many perks, but it was such a reasonable price! Could it be that parents can get an affordable mattress that is comfortable and luxurious like the expensive counter parts? We could not wait to get our mattress and find out for ourselves! We decided to order a queen, as our mattress was almost ten years old and it is good to replace it.

After we placed our order, we were surprised how quickly this mattress was shipped to us! We were expecting a huge box that would be so cumbersome to bring into our house. We were shocked when we found a much more manageable box at our door step. Could this be our luxurious mattress?

When we opened the box, my husband and I were thrilled. The Douglas Mattress by GoodMorning was there inside the box and easily slipped out. We soon realized that this product was about to challenge the way we saw beds. It has a high density memory foam that is not only durable but longer lasting. We found that the owner, Sam Prochazka ensures an elegant solution to regular sleep problems. We know this mattress is the talk of everyone from students to families everywhere and the overwhelming response is positive. People are getting a better sleep at night! People are feeling better and rested, we knew we had to try this mattress out and experience it for ourselves. As we set up the mattress, it went on our bed frame with ease. How could something that came out of such a small box be so easy to roll out and place on our bed? This was only the beginning.

Douglas Mattress Exceed Expectations

When we received our Douglas Mattress our expectations were exceeded to say the least. Our first sleep was an experience! The mattress does not get overheated and we slipped into a cool bed. The memory foam is perfect as my husband likes a firmer sleep and I like a mattress that is a bit softer. I move around a lot in my sleep (yes, my poor husband) and he could not feel me moving. The mattress stayed firm and you do not disturb each other. This means we both got a great sleep!

Our little one ended up having a nightmare that night. She crawled into bed with us and I expected about a half an hour of calming her down, getting her to relax and eventually get to sleep. Luckily, it took only minutes for her to drift off into a deep sleep. She is one of those kids who roll around, moving constantly. However, my husband and I did not feel it. Her movements did not disturb us thanks to the way the mattress is manufactured. Three family members, in one bed getting a good sleep despite a child waking up with a nightmare? How is this possible? We woke up the next morning feeling rested despite the slight setback. We knew it had to be the mattress.

Most parents who had a child with a nightmare would have had to have been up at least a half an hour soothing the awake and scared child. If one partner was woken up, the other one would either be half asleep or fully awake based on the child’s cries and movements in the bed. However, this was not the case. The Douglas mattress is so comfortable that our little one was able to go to sleep quickly. My partner slept undisturbed (lucky him!) and I was able to go back to sleep once I knew and came to grips that this mattress had lulled my child to sleep so quickly. We all woke up for school and work the next day without any problems, without any tired sleepless feeling and we were able to function normally the next day.

Unlike our experience, many parents could have been up anywhere from a half an hour to an hour and a half. They would have had a restless sleep as the child tosses and turns in the bed and they would have woken up with a tired feeling, underperforming at work and at home and getting behind on their tasks.

I can’t imagine having a bad mattress as a new parent. Where an adult must wake up every two hours or so for a diaper change or a feeding. Both partners would wake up (even if only one is attending the baby) and then they would have to spend time getting comfortable and going back to sleep. No wonder so many new parents are tired! If you’re going to be woken up constantly in the middle of the night, it is integral to have a good mattress.

If you sleep with someone else, the Douglas Mattress makes sure that if one person sleeps one way, the other will not be disturbed. This is the case of many couples. One person may toss and turn constantly while another sleeps in a corner of the bed. Now both people can spread out and sleep the way they want, without disturbing the other person. I would think that being less tired might lower the number of snorers out there, making sleep an enjoyable experience.

It’s also important for your children to have a bed that they can rely on. Children have busy lives, with school, sports and classes. Getting a good sleep and at least eight hours a night is so important. A mattress that does not overheat and takes into consideration their back and movements is so important for any child. The Douglas Mattress is exactly what is going to ensure your child gets a perfect sleep every night.

This is truly a Canadian mattress. The idea was inspired by the Canadian Rockies, designed in the prairies and manufactured in the east. This is truly a coast to coast Canadian mattress! We love Canadian businesses and Douglas bed is certainly Canadian through and through.

What is amazing about this mattress is you can order it online. You get a first 100 night free trial with 100% free returns.

Douglas by GoodMorning means business. By business we mean Canadian business. This company has spent months combining the best high performance foams and textiles from Canada’s top manufactures. What is the result? Simple luxury. A great night’s sleep for an unbeatable price. What does that mean for families? It means the best sleep possible a mattress can offer. It means not being disturbed by your partner’s tosses and turns. A cool mattress that caters to your needs as a sleeper. Most of all, when that little one who has had a bad dream or is feeling sick crawls into bed with you, they get a good sleep and so do you. Not only is this a Canadian company but in our opinion it is a family brand. They care about your potential sleep and not profits. They care about your family being able to function the next day. Thankfully, the Douglas Mattress is a medium firm mattress with balanced support and pressure point relief for all sleeping positions! Especially if one partner sleeps one way and one partner sleeps another way.

What makes the Douglas by GoodMorning so exceptional? It has three layers of high quality foam that delivers an active cooling, perfect bounce and a balanced pressure relief all year round.

The CoolSense Cover is washable. It is made with natural eucalyptus fabric and was inspired by the mountains of Western Canada. It draws moisture away, leading to a cool, dry night sleep for you.

It also has a 2 inch Luxury ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam. This is really great for a good night sleep! Made with a 50% smaller carbon footprint, the ecoLight cooling gel foam is durable, responsive and luxurious as high density memory foam but it does not retain heat or feel like you’re sleeping on quick sand.

The Douglas by GoodMorning also has a two inch Premium Elastex Foam which means it will be durable, supportive and responsive as natural Latex foam. It is also made without any harmful, allergy causing chemicals that you will find in many Latex based mattresses.

Are you a side sleeper? Douglas is the perfect Mattress for you. It is a medium-firm mattress with a plush, supporting feel and a pressure point relief for all sleeping positions. This is perfect for those who prefer to sleep on their side rather than on their back.

Have you ever slept and felt overheated? Remember that Douglas CoolSense Cover and Ecolight Gel foam layer absorb more heat with faster dissipation which gives you a much cooler, comfortable sleep.

If you have suffered in a car accident, this mattress may be your answer for a more comfortable sleep. We have seen many reviews and those who have had injuries find that they are sleeping the way they once did, before their accident.

The 6 inch Motion Isolation Support Foam is our favorite of the features, though it is so difficult to choose! Just picture it, millions of tiny pocket coil springs. Douglas’ support foam eliminates motion transfer between sleepers without sacrificing edge support. It is these intricate details that make the Douglas mattress such a brilliant buy!

To The Baby Spot, a good sleep is integral to being the best parent you can be. It used to be hard to achieve with the prices of mattresses but now we see that it is possible to get a great sleep and get a great price. Not only that but it is a business that produces in Canada which is a brand that North Americans can trust. It’s a rare find these days and we should support honest businesses that put out an exceptional product.

Good Morning Mattress Review

The Douglas Mattress by GoodMorning is the answer to your sleeping woes. My husband and I felt spoiled in our new bed. You can get your bed here!

You can order any sized mattress. We have a queen at home but for you spoiled sleepers, you can order anything up to a California King!

The Douglas by GoodMorning is a brilliant buy and perfect for families. Buy a mattress for your whole family with the luxury of an expensive mattress but at a fraction of the cost.  Douglas understands a family’s need for sleep and gives you those precious hours you need to keep up with your days!

It’s no secret that you need a great sleep. Douglas Mattress not only changes your sleep, but the way you function while you’re awake. For any busy family, a great sleep is integral to get through those busy weeks. This is why Douglas by GoodMorning is our only choice for a great mattress. A great mattress for healthy, happy families.

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