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Your child comes home with a school project. They need references and information.  As a parent, you are wary of sending them to check over the internet, because facts are not necessarily checked and websites can have misleading information. The library is a great resource but your child needs the information now and may not have all of the resources available at their local library. Where do they turn? What is a trusted internet resource?

Q Files is a free children’s illustrated encyclopedia (who are we kidding, we as parents will learn a thing or to from it as well!) with a plethora of knowledge, resources and illustrated information for your children to enjoy. Whether your little ones are working on an important research project or they are just curious about the world around them, Q Files is their number one trusted resource.


From geography to science, Q Files gives your child information presented in an easy to read, insightful manner. Each page has a ‘consultant‘ who is an expert in the respected field. Parents are rest assured their child is getting important up to date information on their chosen topic.

We enjoy that the site is easy to use for parents and children alike and the information is endless! The site is also Kid Safe, so you can trust this site. There is also a place to download educational ebooks to allow your children to get even more resources on their coveted subject.

Do you home school your children? Make this a trusted resource. If your child is in school, this is a great way for them to stay educated about the world and finish those research papers!

Parents will have fun browsing the endless facts and topics to look up. We can all learn something!


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