Plant Names for Boys


When trying to come up with the perfect name for your son, many people love plant names for boys. Plant names emphasize growth, calm, leadership and beauty. With these traits, it’s no secret that parents love plant and flower names for boys! We will include the meanings and origins and pronounciations where possible. Enjoy these boy botanical names!

 Here are the top plant and flower names for boys

Acker- Botanical Boy Name

Acker is derived from German or Old English and it means “field.” It also means “from the oak tree”. This boy’s name has two syllables. It is pronounced “AIKE ER.” This tree name for boys is a strong name, as oak trees are some of the strongest trees on the planet. This tree name makes us think of a boy who is rooted, strong, wise and has it all together. This name would be an honor for any boy!

Alder Flower name

Firstly, Alder is a flower name and belongs to the birch family. Secondly, this name is Old English for “old.” However, this is nothing “old” about this name! Alder is seen in many surnames but is making an appearance as a first name. Lastly, this name can be a cool and eclectic name. If you come from a musical family, Alder trees are used to make electric guitars! Rock out and choose the name Alder for your son!

Arlow Tree boys name

Arlow originates from Spain. Meaning barberry tree, this two syllable name is exploding in popularity in the last five years. This name pairs great with both a long or short middle name.  If you are looking for a name that has some soul to it with a modern nod, this name is for you!

Ashton Tree names for boys

Ashton is found in a lot of English surnames but means “ash tree town.” Made more popular by actor Ashton Kutcher, this name is being used for both boys and girls names.

Bramwell Tree names

This name sounds regal but it has an earthy meaning! Bramwell means “from the bramble bush.” This is a known surname in England and comes from Old English with the meaning of a “broom” (probably because bramwells were used in brooms at the time). If you are looking to make a clean sweep with a name, choose Bramwell.

Flax – Seed Names

Flax comes from flax seeds, a very healthy and important seed in a diet. Pronounced “Flacks”, it brings those a lot of fiber. We find the word flax being used and record well before 900AD but not as a name until recently. Flax is a three syllable name that would work with both a long and short middle name. Keep the name traditional or pair it with a beautiful plant or water name.

Heywood- Forest name for boys

Heywood is a perfect name that means forest. Deriving form Lancashire in England, this is a name that means “from a hedged forest.” This name could be a metaphor for family, especially if you are the outdoorsy type. Heywood is two syllables and we can see this name being paired perfectly with a modern one syllable middle name. Chose this unique boys name for your son!

Jarred Flower Names for Boys

We love the name Jarred and though it is known, it is not popular. Jarred actually derives from the Hebrew name “rose.” This Hebrew boys name can be a nod to the special rose in your life or the symbol of your love for your son. This two syllable name can be paired with both contemporary and traditional middle names. Jarred would also work with a middle name that is both long and short. Choose Jarred for your son!

Lander- Plant Boys Names

Lander sounds like a contemporary boys name, but it also has a plant based meaning! Meaning “from the grassy plain”, This is a down to earth name that also has a bit of a breezy side. Choose this name for your child if you think he will make grounded decisions but also allow the wind to take him. A great mix of personality for a very special boy! Another variation of this name is Landon

Landon- Grass Boy Names

Landon is a variation of Lander ! Please see “Lander” for meaning and ideas.

Mazus Plant Inspired Names for Boys

Do you want to choose a name that will just grow on you? Mazus is named after a creeping perinnal herb. This flowering plant is beautiful but also could be a great metaphor for your child. Just like the Mazus plant, your child will spread his love and grow on others, spreading and blossoming joy wherever he goes. Mazus is a two syllable baby name and would be paired beautifully with a long and traditional middle name. Whatever you decide, this strong baby name would be a perfect name for you son!

Nalin Hindi Boy Names

This flower boy name is perfect! This is a two syllable boy name but it also has a beautiful meaning, especially for those who do yoga, meditate or consider themselves quite spiritual. Nalin means lotus and is seen in script in both Hinduism and Buddhism. A lotus is a beautiful pond flower that grows in very swampy conditions. It is considered the flower of wisdom, rebirth and being the phoenix of flowers. Nalin can carry a very big meaning, so this name can be perfect for any parents that are starting a new and powerful life with their little baby.

Ren Japanese Flower Boy Names

Ren means “flower lily” which is a strong flower. Unlike most flowers, lilies can take some shade but they blossom in the heat. Choose this one syllable boy name if you believe your son is the type of person who can take any situation and make something beautiful happen. This wise and brave boy name is perfect for your son!

Roosevelt Dutch Boy Name

Roosevelt is most known as the former president’s last name, but it actually has Dutch origins. The Netherlands are known for their green thumbs and Roosevelt is a perfect name as a homage or nod to your Dutch culture or just because you love the flower name! Meaning “a field of roses”, Roosevelt is a perfect flower name for boys!

Vernon Gaul Boy Name

Vernon is actually a derivative from “vern” which means “adler tree.” Similarly, this strong and wise name was seen a lot earlier last century but has become a rare baby name. It’s a two syllable boy name and it says “Steady, sturdy and strong” to those who hear it. If you are looking for a rare baby name, Vernon is perfect!

Yarrow- Flower Names for Boys

Yarrow is a flower name that is strong!  The Yarrow’s are flowers that are found in most northern parts of the world. It is a perennial, it flowers small and beautiful white or red colors but it is hearty like babies breath and packs a punch. We love that Yarrow is a rare boy name and reminds us that strength can come out of anywhere. Yarrow’s are used to the four seasons and are a strong and tough flower but they make a bold statement in any garden. This two syllable boy name packs a punch for any family considering it.

Top Plant Names For Boys

These earthy boy names are guaranteed to get you thinking about the perfect name for your son. Plant boy names make a statement, they show beauty and curiousness, strength and yet fragility. These nature names are the perfect plant names for boys. Pair these names up with modern boy names or go the more traditional boy name route. Therefore, whatever your choice, make sure to share with us if you have chosen a plant boy name for your son!

What Are Good Plant Names?

We have the best plant names for boys listed above! From Vernon to Roosevelt, we bet you never would have guessed that these names and more are actually botanical boys names!

What Boy Name Means Earth?

Bramwell, Landon and Lander are three really beautiful boy names that mean Earth.

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