Many parents seek children and teens who are exceptional to show their children that other young people are making a difference. Parents need to look no further than Maya S. Penn, who is a sixteen year old entrepreneur, animator, eco-designer, philanthropist, coder and girl’s rights activist. She is the youngest person to give back-toback- TED talks and is the CEO of Maya’ Ideas. She has accomplished so much in her sixteen years!

Maya has her wonderful eco-friendly clothing and accessories line that is sold around the world. Now, this incredible teenager has written an inspiration book for young adults and teens to follow in her footsteps and maximize their full potential. Let’s face it, parents will love this book too and might bring an extra spring into their step!

Maya has done so much, but what is the recipe for greatness? She has a book filled with ideas and prompts that will help your child or you put your ideas in action and believe in your personal path.

What we love most about this book is the message. You don’t necessarily have to know what you are supposed to do in this life, especially at such a young age, but what you need to know is what makes you unique. This book helps youth go through their truths , are you a flip flopper, blank drawer, under thinker? Whatever it is,it is time to unleash your own awareness!

Unleash your awesomeness today!