There are so many people searching for both emotional and physical well-being. Natural Antibiotics and Botanical Treatments teaches people how to heal your body and heal your mind.

Author Aruna M. Siewert has given a detailed comprehensive and informative guide to show the power and healing powers of medicinal plants. This book also teaches you how to treat minor infections and everyday ailments, without the side effects!

From Chamomile stopping some bacteria from reproducing to a list of foods that can lift your spirit, this book can not only change your but your families life. From clear thinking to healing pain and aches, this book may be what you are looking for if you are searching for solutions other than conventional medicine.

We love this book from Robert Rose because it highlights alternatives to some minor ailments and gives those searching answers more options. Many of these plants can grow in your own backyard that you can have your very own “farmacy”.


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