First week of pregnancy – If we were to explain the first week of pregnancy, it would be confusing. Many of us wonder if you can feel symptoms or wonder when is the best time to take a pregnancy test. The first week of pregnancy is important for an embryo but it may be surprising what is actually happening. Learn more about this week and what to expect!

The First Week- The Last Period?

Many people want to know if this is their first week of pregnancy and if they will have any symptoms. What parents need to know is your first week of pregnancy is actually the first day of your last period. This is the marker for doctors to help understand the estimated birthdate of your baby.

Therefore, you would not have any pregnancy signs as week one would be when you first started your period!

After about five or six days of conception, reports of some nausea, being more tired than usual and breast aches. This is only for some women but not all.

What’s Happening Week One

Week one is technically your period! This is a great marker for doctors to figure out how old your baby is. This shows that your period is here and will help with the tracking of conception. A period is a great end knowing the last egg that was not fertilized.

Your body is experiencing your period pains. This could include but not limited to cramps, breast tenderness, more prominent veins in breasts, bloating and more. Sounds familiar? Yes! These are also symptoms of one’s early pregnancy which can be confusing. However, week one for you is your period. Knowing the first day of your last period helps doctor place an estimated time your baby is due. This can help you plan for that time of year.

Here Is What You Do For the First Week

If you are planning to get pregnant, your last period is the time to get into a regime if you have not already. Quit all unhealthy habits like smoking. It is time to keep a regime of eating your best and exercising. Be sure to talk to your doctor about big lifestyle change. Keeping active is important if you can.

Talk To Your Doctor About Pre-Conception

In the first week of pregnancy, the week where you’re having your period (confusing, we know!) it is a good time to go for a pre conception check up with your doctor! It is always good to make sure that you are healthy and ready for pregnancy. Learn about the changes you will experience, review your health history and ask questions to your doctor.

Here is What You Can Do To Be Prepared

It’s week one and you’re getting ready for your “official” pregnancy. You may be excited to start your journey or feel unsure on what you can do. Here are some top tips:

Be sure to be taking a prenatal vitamin

Having a prenatal vitamin with folic acid is key.This can give you the nutrients you need through out your pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about what brand is best for your body.

Having A Community Of Help

Have a list of who is going to be on your team through out your pregnancy. Will you have an OBGYN? Some Moms to be enjoy the support of a doula and/ or midwife. Do you have someone you would like at the birth? Your partner, a parent or a loved one may be your support person.

Daycare Or Care If Needed

Why worry about daycare or montessori when the baby is not even born yet? You would be suprised at the up to TWO YEAR WAIT of some care facilities for your child. Getting on a waiting list or beginning some of the interviews that are possible early is your best bet. Look at your finances and make a chart to help keep organized.

Financial Plan

It can be hard to look at finances for a baby who is not here yet. Try to budget for your baby! There is newborn care essentials that you need to know. However, there are a lot of things that you will not need to buy that will surprise you.

Write Down the First Day of Your Last Period

Keeping track of the first day of your last period is important. You will be asked this at every appointment! This helps trackt he progress of your baby. Secondly, knowing if your period comes every twenty eight, twenty nine or thirty days helps. If your period is irregular, or does not have a monthly pattern, it is helpful to let medical professionals be aware of this. You and your babies health is important!

Knowing the Estimated Month of Your Babies Birth

Knowing approximately what month your baby will be born can help you decide what to get ready for your baby. If you live in an area that has four seasons, knowing you have a February baby means you can get warmer clothes for your little one. Having this knowledge can help you with work plans and what to buy for your newborn.

First Week Of Pregnancy- Not What You May Think!

Though most parents to be look for those early signs of pregnancy, your first week is tricky! It is the first day of your last period. Though there will be no signs, it is a momunumental beginning in your pregnancy journey and helps doctors track the age of your baby through the first day of your last period.