Babies Born In July – Your baby born in July is full of sunshine! July is a beautiful month to give birth. It is very hot and you have given birth, skipping the summer months of heat and exhaustion that many mothers feel that are pregnant in the summer. Babies born in July come with a lot of advantages and interesting facts that will amaze you.

July Birth Month Popularity

Is July a popular birth month? Though many people would think that July would be not as popular as other months, July is actually the second most popular birth month in the United States. Hospitals all over are busy birthing babies and finding a midwife, doula and other help should be booked in advance to ensure you have a great health care team.

For families, July is a great time to give birth. You still have summer ahead of you and you can take light walks and visit parks when you feel up to doing so. Your baby will get to be outside and begin to experience the beautiful outdoors, under your protection of course. July babies are active, you get to be active as long as you are feeling well and being outside can just make everyone around you feel more positive.

Babies Born in July Horoscope

Your July baby will most likely be bursting with creativity. As they grow, you will see them use creative mediums to express themselves. From art to music, they will enjoy creating. Nurture the different avenues your child explores. From baking to hiking, to art to creating music, your child will flourish in a creative setting.

Your July baby will love the outdoors and have a special connection with nature. Look for your July baby growing up happy, looking for a job that brings contentment rather than fighting in the rat race. They value family, friends and close circles and they love tremendously. They don’t mind not being the center of attention but seem to get attention by what they are creating. Babies born in July are mellow, kind and comfortable in their own skin.

Babies Born In July- Astrological Sign

If you are a July baby, you may have one of two astrological signs for this month! For those who are born from July 1st to July 22nd, you are a Cancer! Your babies sign will be the crab and they will be considered a water sign From July 23rd into August, your baby is a Leo. Your baby will be a lion and Leos are a fire sign. These are the fourth and fifth astrological signs. of the zodiac. Both are wonderful and powerful signs to have.

Birth stone for Babies In July

July Babies have a beautiful birth stone! A ruby is the birth stone for a baby born in July. It is the color of love and passion. Some people believe that the ruby protects you from negative thinking, poison and evil spirits.

Babies Born In July Flower

The July flower isthe delphinium. This beautiful flower is known as a larkspur. It grows mainly in the Northern Hemisphere and in more temperate parts of Africa. This beautiful flower has over three hundred varieties. It can bring joy to any garden in the month of July.

Babies Born In July Tend To Be More Outdoorsy

Babies who are born in July tend to be more outdoorsy! What does this mean? Around your child’s birthday every year, they are in the month with the best weather. From sunshine to beaches, your child gets to experience all what the world has to offer.

If it is safe and you are comfortable, take your baby on walks to the park and through out the neighborhood. Enjoy the outdoors. Let your little one touch the grass and hear and see nature. They may be young, but the feeling will stimulate their brain.

It’s Harder To Plan For Birthdays

Having a July birthday is great! The weather is perfect, you can plan an outdoor party with relative ease. However, summer born babies can be harder to plan a party for. This is because many people go on vacation in July. Unlike the school year where everyone is present and at home, July is a time for families to get away. From camping to international trips, people are going out and making plans. This makes it harder for the family to plan a party for the summer baby. People may be out of town and not able to come.

Though it may be more hard to plan for a birthday, those who can make it will experience a beautiful summer birthday party. The weather is great so have fun and throw one outdoors!

Babies Tend To Be More Active and Aware

Some people believe that summer babies are exposed to so much stimulation from being outside and interacting with people more that they tend to be more active and aware at a younger age. Though this is a hard study to prove, summer babies have an advantage of all of the new stimuli that they encounter rather than winter babies.

From walks to beach days, family BBQs to playgrounds, your child gets to see and interact with the outdoors, other people and outside stimuli a lot more often than winter babies. As long as it is safe and the parents stay active, baby is in for a treat for those first few months of life.

Many Babies Born In July are Born to Teachers

This is an interesting point! In many countries where maternity and paternity leave is longer than a calendar year, studies have shown that many babies born in July are born to teachers. These are generally planned pregnancies so that the parents can have maternity leave plus their summer off with their child, giving them a total of 14 months together with their baby. As everyone goes back to work in September, baby will be at least one year and two months old, ready to go to alternative care of a family member, daycare or other caring options.

This interesting fact depends on if your country, state or province adopts a twelve month maternity leave system.

July Baby Personality Traits

Though everybody is different, here are some fun July baby personality traits that may describe your July baby!

Your Baby is Happy and Content

July babies tend to be very happy and content. They are born in warm weather and do not have to be bundled up in heavy clothes. Baby is able to move more freely and learn through movement. Baby is feeling happy and content. They are not cold or restricted by clothing. They get to focus on learning and creating bonds with their parents.

July Baby Gets To Focus on Learning Skills and Bonding

Since baby is happy and content, baby gets to focus on learning skills. The loose and cool summer clothing lets them move freely and not worry about being cold or uncomfortable. Some babies can focus on movement. Learning to move their arms and legs freely is an important trait and July babies generally do well moving and learning basic skills.

Baby also focuses on bonding with parents, siblings and extended family members. It is lovely that because baby is generally feeling content and having basic needs met, they are able to focus on bonding and creating relationships with loved ones.

Baby Is Creative and Wants To Express It

As your July baby gets older, they love their creative avenues like art, music, singing and writing. Nurture that artistic brain and make sure that they are always creating. You will be surprised what your child creates! The best thing for parents to do is sit back and enjoy the ride of your child’s creative mind. Expose them to museums, photography, great authors, the library and all sorts of music to start.

Babies Born In July

July is a month where we come together. It is warm in many countries around the world. When you give birth in July, your happy summer baby gets to spend time meeting and greeting family and friends. There are so many options on what to do and spend more time outdoors. Summer time is an excellent time for enjoyment and adventure. With your July baby, you can have a beautiful first summer.

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