Rhinos In Nebraska

Have you seen the Effiel Tower and think, ‘wow, this is a beautiful older piece of architecture?’ Have you been to Egypt and visited the pyramids of Giza and thought how this is thousands of years old? We bet you never thought that your own backyard could be an epitome for a vibrant history that is 12 million years old! This is what Rhinos in Nebraska is here to teach you and your children.

It Was Just 12 Million Years Ago

It is hard to believe that in North America, twelve million years ago, Rhinos, elephants and camels roamed around North America. To believe that we had no idea about this until 1953, when a teenage farm worker made the epic discovery that would change the way we see our backyards forever.

You and your children will learn about the Ashfall Fossil Beds where over two hundred perfectly preserved fossils were discovered.

Author Alison Pearce Stevens takes everyone on a glimpse of ancient past. From super volcanoes to learning about the Ashfall Fossil Beds, people are going to be shocked about what roamed the very spot they now live on.

Your children will learn about evolution, volcanoes and the way of life for these mammals who once roamed the lands.

We love the history lesson and the amount of information your child will absorb. It will change the way they see the world for the rest of their lives. Your children will begin to form a responsibility to take care of our planet. When they understand the past, they can make great plans for the future.


Have your children search a beach, a forest or even their own backyard. Did they find anything that could look like a fossil? Ask them to imagine what it would have been like for these mammals to live in your area twelve million years ago.

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