This adorable book ticks all of the boxes. Learning about family, togetherness, fun and friendship,m We Adopted A Baby Chick will be the book of the summer. If your child is growing up and does not know where they fit in with the family, this book will show them how they are so important and how loving each other is the most powerful emotion we have.

The Happy-Go-Lucky Chicken and The Disgruntled Sheep

Albert the Sheep has realized he has grown and that he is not the smallest, cutest little member of the family anymore. Little Tina, the baby chick is getting all of the attention. Albert has gotten bigger, has two big horns and most of all, does not know where he fits in with his big family. Everyone is giving attention to Tina, while Albert is struggling to try to find his place.

When Tina finds herself in trouble with no one else around, can Albert step up and be the hero or will Tina be chick napped by a sneaky fox?

This book gives children confidence, care and understanding of everyone’s evolving roles in a family unit. Children and adults alike can remember when they were no longer the baby of the family but that they belonged and are loved just as much.

Though every child can benefit from this book, it is great for children who may be struggling with younger siblings or cousins. It will teach them that they are just as needed and loved as they were before.

From the We Adopted series, Author Lori Joy Smith does not disappoint with this engaging and caring book. Another family fun read that should be in every families library from Tundra Books.

Extra Credit We Adopted A Baby Chick

Have your children draw their family tree. Under each person’s name and picture, have your child write something great about each member of the family. Share it with the family. This will make parents and siblings feel great and makes a wonderful keepsake for the kids.

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