A new parent spends hundreds of dollars trying to find the perfect bottle for their new baby. Babies are small but they do have their preference of what bottle is going to give them their food for the day! Twistshake is the perfect bottle for babies! With a passion for babies in mind, Twist Shake has a passion for babies in mind when they designed their state of the art bottles.

Parents do not need to worry about a safe bottle for their children anymore!

Anti Colic Nipple- Twist shake has a nipple with a natural design with four separate flow rates! This is perfect, keeping the very hungry baby in mind!

The Bottle- Parents have it easy with Twist Shake! The bottle comes in three sizes: 180, 260 and 330 ml. It has an easy grip design and a strong plastic with great heat retention. Keep those bottles at that wonderful warm temperature that babies love!

Mixer- If you are using formula for your baby, the mixer effectively dissolves the solution and prevents clogging. Formula can easily reach your baby giving him or her the nourishment that they deserve!

Protective Cover- Where your child goes, the bottle goes. Unfortunately a bottle can get dirty during your child’s exploration! This protective cover keeps a parent’s mind at ease and your child safe. The protective cover keeps dirt and bacteria away from the nipple, keeping your child healthy!

Powder Box- The formula feeding parent now has a practical box that can hold servings up to 100ml. This is perfect for the parent who is on the go with their children! the Powder box cap has a seal to keep your formula from spilling in your diaper bag as you are out with your little one.


Not only is this bottle BPA free but it is anti-colic, something that many babies suffer from.

We love the fact that not only are these bottles safe and the preferred bottle for baby, but also they are easy to clean. TwistShake has put a lot of thought in the safety of their product for your baby, something that many of their competitors fail to do. They have made sure that the bottle creates easy cleaning, which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. The bottle’s wide neck allows uncomplicated and thorough cleaning while making it simple to fill up! Do not lose any of your precious breast milk that you have pumped!

Twistshake understands that you are a busy parent, so their bottles are safe for the washing machine and the microwave. Their products come in six colours/colors and three sizes for your growing baby.

We found our time for preparation was cut in half because of Twistshakes products. Made to work together, it helps a busy parent get a bottle ready, quickly and safely for their child.  Our favorite feature is the anti-colic nipple. The last thing we want is our baby to be in pain and TwistShake prevents that. If you want to transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding, this bottle will do the trick.

Twist Shake also has a create your own bottle feature, where you can pick and choose products to design the perfect bottle for your baby. Need an on the go bottle with an anti colic nipple? You can have one! Is your child very hungry but is formula fed and needs a powder box? No problem! Twist Shake has thought of every baby and their needs. Their passion for babies goes a long way!

Twist Shake also has an informative blog, and elects a Twist Shaking family of the week! They care about their customers and set up relationships by featuring some of their thankful Mommies and babies!

It’s no secret why we have chosen Twist Shake to be our Bottle of the Year! They have a passion for babies, which is why they have a wide array of baby safe bottles, their blog supports and promotes parents who love their products, so they are recognizing their customer (it shows they really know the customer who is buying their product) and most of all, their bottles are innovative, safe and your baby will love them!