No one imagines being a widower at thirty three years old, but young Father, Charlie finds herself a widower with his young five year old son, Caleb. Even though Caleb and Dad have a distant relationships, Charlie is so close to becoming partner at his law firm! He needs just a bit more time and he is sure things will fall into place.

this was not the plan

Unfortunately, a office party blunder leaves him out of a job and spending the summer with Caleb. Charlie learns about the true meaning of fatherhood.

Acclaimed writer Cristinia Alger hits the nail on the head again with this witty, endearing book!

This fiction book is going to make you tear up, but you’re going to have a lot of laughs as well. The characters are wonderfully flawed, three dimensional and human. Make this the first feel good read you have this year! Click here to buy This Was Not The Plan.