23 Must Know Bible Stories for Children

Bible Stories For Children – When your child is learning the Bible, there are so many wonderful stories that your little ones will digest! Bible Stories and the moral lessons for children will not only be remembered, they will be the foundation of their moral compass. With these Bible Stories, your child will learn about the Bible and its roots.

We have a list of great Bible Stories for children from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Teach your children these stories and start as young as you like! If your children are not Christian, it would be great to learn about another religion by learning some of these key stories.

What Your Child Will Learn From Our Bible Stories For Children Summaries

Your child will learn the morals, stories and more from the Bible. Check out these skills that you will teach your child just from reviewing these Bible Stories from the Old Testament and the New Testament.

How To Read The Bible -Bible Stories For Children

This will be your child’s first time learning how to search through the Bible and each verse.

Morals and Values for Children In The Bible

There are so many beautiful morals and values from the stories from the Bible. We will highlight each moral and value your child will learn from reading each story.

The Difference From the Old and New Testament

Your young children will learn the difference between the Old and New Testament. They will learn the stories of each Biblical character and the stories between parents and children. There is so much to learn but we will keep it simple and make it easy for you to teach your children.

Bible Stories For Children in PDF

Keep the verses close to you with this PDF version of the story titles and their verses.

bible stories for children pdf pdf

Bible Stories With Moral Lessons For Children

The Old Testament- Bible Stories For Children

The Old Testament of the Bible has stories for your children to understand. This is based on before Jesus was born. It also sets up the foundation of the morals and values of the Bible and gives some background history on many of these prophets who helped shape the minds of people. Other stories are from God, which explains Creation.

Bible Story: The Creation Story

This is the first bible stories for children that your little one will learn!

Verse: Genesis 1

Story: The Creation Story

The Creation story is the story of how the Earth was created in Seven Days.

In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness, but God said “let there be light.” And there was light. God then saw that this was good. So he called the darkness “dark” and the light ” light. This was the first day.

On the second day, God said let there be a sky and let it divide waters from the waters, then God made the sky and separated the waters above from the waters below. He called the sky Heaven and said this was Good. This was the second day.

On the third day God let the waters under the heaven gather in one place and let the dry land appear. This dry land would be called ” Earth” and the waters will be the seas. God then declared, ” Let this Earth bring forth grass, plant bearing seed and trees bearing fruit. The Earth did so and God said it was good.

The Forth Through Sixth Day

On the fourth day , God said ,”let there be light that rules the day and darkness that rules the night. Let there be signs for the seasons and the Earth was given days and years. Light would rule over day and dark would rule over night.” God said this was good.

On the fifth day, God said “Let the waters be filled with moving creatures and have life and let the birds above the earth open the sky of heaven.” From whales to birds, the world filled with sea and air creatures. God then said, ” Let them be fruitful and multiply.” God said this was good.

The Creatures Are Created

On the sixth day, God said, ” let the Earth create all kinds of cattle and creeping things and beast through out the Earth.” And there was. God then decided that he would create man in his own image. Male and female were created and he blessed them and he said to them, “be fruitful and multiply.” God had given them plants that bare fruit, beast of the earth, bird of the air and everything that creeps upon the earth. He has given grass and plants for food. God saw everything that he had made and this was good.

God Rests

On the seventh day, God saw that the Earth was finished and filled with wonderful life. God decided on the seventh day he shall rest. He made this a holy day. From then on, we have a holy day of rest, just as God rested on the seventh day.

Moral Lesson For Children

The moral lessons for children while reading the Creation story will give them a wonderful foundation of Christianity.

The Creation story reminds us to respect everything God has created. It also emphasizes that with great power, we have a great responsibility to Earth and all of its life. We must always find ways to live peacefully and in harmony with the world.

Secondly, the Creation Story in the Bible reminds us that after hard work we should always rest one day. The Holy Day rejuvenates our bodies and minds. Even God rested and we are an image of God. Rest is as important as work. It gives us the energy to continue.

Bible Story: The Garden of Eden

Verse: Genesis 2:4-3:24


In the East, God created Eden, a perfect Garden that had a river, beautiful fruits and endless joy. He put Adam the first man  in the garden and said ” Of every tree in the garden you can eat the food freely. However, there is one tree of knowledge of good and Evil. You must not eat from this tree, for the day you do, you shall die.” God then declared that Adam needed a partner and he would create one.

Eve was his partner and he brought every beast in the field and every bird of the air and he made it out of the Earth. God created Eve from Adam’s Rib.  God declared that he would be Adam and she would be Eve. They both lived in harmony in the Garden of Eden.

The Devil Appears

One day the devil appeared in the body of a serpent. Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat from the tree of knowledge. “You will not die if you eat from it,” explained the serpent. Eve was tempted to try an apple from the tree of knowledge because the serpent assured her she would be like gods, knowing good from evil and her eyes would be opened. She had some and offered some to Adam who accepted.

Suddenly, both of them were embarassed to be naked and used fig leaves to cover themselves. God spoke to them and Eve admitted she was tempted by the serpent. God banished Adam and Eve from the garden and Adam and Eve were forced to live without the pleasures of The Garden of Eden.

Moral Lesson For Children:

The morals for children are profound. They teach children to have faith in God. It also tells them to avoid temptations of life and to do righteous things. Even if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Evil lurks and we must be vigiliant and mindful of its messages.

Bible Story: Noah’s Ark

Verse: Genesis 6:-9-17


The Lord had saw that men had become very wicked and that he was regretting making man on Earth. He spoke to Noah, ” People have been wicked for a long time and I will destroy all living things on Earth for because of them the Earth has violence and evil. You must make an ark of cypress wood and cover it.” God gives Noah measurements on how to make the ark and insists that he will bring a great flood. God requests Noah to enter this ark with his sons, wife and his sons wives . Finally, God insists Noah bring two of every living creature onto the ark. This includes birds, cattle and creeping things. He will take them with his family and food for all.

Noah believed God and knew this would be a great task to take on. He worked diligently  on the ark and seven days before the great flood, God confided in Noah that there would be a great flood for forty days and forty nights. Noah promptly gathered two of every animal, food and his family and went into the ark.

The Flood Begins

As God had promised, the windows of the heavens opened and rained poured from the sky, causing a horrible flood. This lasted for forty days and forty nights. All living things died on the Earth. Finally after the waters had receded, everyone had decided to make home on mount Ararat.God tells Noah to take all of the living things from his ark and told his sons to be fruitful and multiply. The Lord placed a beautiful rainbow in the distance. Everyone began to spread out and live life to God’s wonderful plan. God had made the covenant with Noah.

Moral Lesson for Children:

Trust yourself and your moral compass. There will be times in your life where people will challenge your beliefs, your morals and values. You have to stick with what is right, even if it means being alone. It can feel like a long voyage but when you get there, it will be better than where you were.

Bible Story For Children: The Tower of Babel

Verse: Gen 11:1-9


When the descendants of Noah left and multiplied, they all spoke the same language and wrote the same speech.  However, as they slowly journed Eastwards, they all began to build a city.  “Let us build a city with a tower that will be so tall it will go straight to heaven.” God came down and saw that the city and the tower and said that these people all spoke one language and understood one speech.  He decided to go down and confuse their language so that they would not understand one anothers speech.

God them scattered each person abroad and created different languages and speeches through out the Earth.

Moral Lesson for Children:

Don’t try to be prideful and rebel against God. God only has your best intentions for you and you should respect and love Him as He loves you.

Bible Story For Children: God and His Promise To Abram

Verse: Genesis 17


There was a man called Abram in the land of Haran.  God spoke to him and told him to leave his country and family and his parents. God wanted him to go to a land that he would show you. Abram was not a young man and took his wife  and his nephew to this new land, which was called Canaan. God gave this land to Abram and his people. God decided to make a covenant with God and renamed him Abraham. He also renamed his wife from Sarai to Sarah. Both of them were blessed.

God then tells Abraham that he would have a son. Abraham questions God how he and his wife who were almost 100 years old could have a child. God reminds Abraham to trust Him. Sure enough, Sarah has a baby boy and they name him Isaac.

Moral Lesson for Children:

Trust God and His message in the Bible and his message for you!

Bible Story For Children: Joseph and His Brothers

Verse: Genesis 37-50


Joseph is the youngest of his brothers and the favorite child of all of his father’s wives. His father also favors Joseph the most. Joseph was then gifted by his father an incredibly beautiful coat, made from so many beautiful colors. This made Joseph’s brothers hate Joseph. He was not only their father’s favorite but he was given this beautiful gift. To top it off, Joseph confided with his brothers that he had had a dream that they were in a field of sheaves and Joseph’s sheaf rose and stood upright while his brothers sheaves bowed towards his. Joseph continued to have dreams about his brothers and himself, where he was effectively ruling over his brothers.

The Brothers Plot Against Joseph

The brothers come up with an evil plan to throw Joseph into a pit and leave him to die. They take their brother out and do throw him into a pit. When a bunch of Ishmaelites were passing by, they sold their brother into slavery and took his coat. They sacrificed a young goat and spilled its blood onto the coat, so it resembled Josephs. Lastly, they went to their father and told him that he was killed. Their father was devastated and brother Reuben tore off his clothes in grief to see his father react this way.

Pharaoh and Joseph

Meanwhile, Joseph was taken to Egypt where a captain of the Pharaoh’s guard bought him. He became a favored servant and was kept as a good servant for many years. It was not until his master’s wife fell in love with him. Joseph rejected her advances and the master’s wife made up rumors about Joseph that sent him into prison. After many years in prison and sharing his visions and dreams of Pharaoh with others, Pharaoh became interested in this young prisoner. Joseph would interpret Pharaoh’s dreams and went into Pharaoh’s favor. Pharaoh frees him and Joseph becomes a trusted advisor. For seven years Joseph marries, has children and Egypt reaps the benefits of fertile lands and peace.

Egypt’s Famine

After seven years, Egypt suffers from a famine. Joseph’s brothers, who do not know what happened to their brother, are instructed by their aging father to go to Egypt to look for food. Joseph recognizes his brothers and tells his brothers to tell him more about their family. The brothers lament that they have left an elderly father and a very young brother at home whose name is Benjamin. Joseph realizes that his father has another younger son since he has left! His brothers do not recognize Joseph at all.

Joseph instructs his brothers to fetch his unknown youngest brother. The brother’s agree and race back to grab their brother. When Benjamin comes back with his brothers Joseph spoils them and eventually tells them that he is Joseph, the brother that they sold into slavery. The brothers were so sorrowful and begged for forgiveness. Joseph introduces himself to his younger brother and forgives his brothers and sends for his father. The reunion between Joseph and his father is beautiful and Pharaoh rewards the brothers with food and lots of land in Egypt.


Moral Lesson for Children:

This is of the strongest stories for forgiveness. The two morals is time can heal most wounds. Secondly, it teaches children to love one another as God loves you and forgive one another as God forgives you. From there, you can rebuild broken bonds.

Bible Story For Children: The Story of Moses

Verse: Exodus 2


The children of Israel were fruitful and multiplied in Egypt. Pharaoh realized that the children of Israel were growing in strength and in numbers. He advised all midwives to kill the first born son of every Hebrew woman. Moses’ Mother had given birth and was in a desperate situation. She loved her son but knew that he would die at the hands of Pharaoh. She made the difficult decision to put her newborn son in a basket and set him on a soft Nile stream, hoping that he would survive.

Moses’ sister followed the baby basket and it ended up in the baths of Pharaoh’s sister. Moses’ family was aware that not only Moses had survived but was now the child of Pharaoh’s sister. Pharaoh’s sister did not have a baby of her own and took Moses. She saw that he was wrapped in the blanket of the Hebrews. She hid this fact and raised the child as if she had had a son of her own. Moses was raised with Pharaoh’s son, Ramses.

Pharaoh favored Moses because of his level head and leadership abilities. One day, Moses observed an Egyptian beating a Hebrew so badly and for no reason that he stepped in. The Egyptian was killed. Moses panicked and his the body into the sand.

Moses Realizes The Truth

However, this action was not enough as the Hebrews had heard that Pharaoh’s nephew had killed an Egyptian in defense of a Hebrew slave. After trying to stop two Hebrews from fighting, one said to him, ” Are you going to kill me like you killed the Egyptian?”

Moses hesitates. This will eventually get out that he killed an Egyptian to save a Hebrew. Being a person of honor and integrity, Moses goes to Pharaoh to tell him the truth. When Pharaoh becomes aware of Moses’ doing, he decides to have him killed. Moses escapes and runs deep into the desert.

Moses eventually comes to a well. Emaciated, a priest finds him and along with his seven daughters, invites Moses to stay with them. Moses befriends the family and marries the priest’s eldest daughter.

God Speaks To Moses

Pharaoh eventually dies and the children of Israel are still enslaved and treated poorly by Ramses. One day, Moses was taking care of his father in laws flock where he encounters a burning bush. His beard immediately turns white. God speaks to Moses. God tells Moses ” to go back to Egypt and free the Hebrews and bring them to the promised land.”

Moses trusts God but is concerned that his cousin Ramses will not let the children of Israel go. God tells Moses to look at his staff, which immediately turns into a snake. Surprisingly, God then turns the snake back to a staff. God then instructs Moses to put his hand on his breast. He is suddenly afflicted with disease. God asks Moses to put his hand back on his breast and the symptoms disappear! God attests that the king of Egypt will most likely not listen to Moses. If he does not, Moses should, one by one, set inflictions on Egypt.

Moses knows it is up to him to go to Israel. He returns and goes right to his father in law. Surprised by his appearance and his message, they all bow as they know Moses has had a conversation with God. Moses and his brother Aaron head to Egypt to confront Pharaoh.

Moses Enters Egypt

As Moses enters Egypt and sees that Pharaoh’s heart is hardened, God asks Moses to visit Pharaoh a second time to show him the rod which turned into a serpent. As Pharaoh allows Moses to return, he sees the rod turn into the serpent, he sees the water in the river turn to blood. He watches as the river smells awful and the Egyptian people can’t drink from their water source. But Pharaoh, though baffled is unmoved. Moses casts the ten plagues of Egypt.

The 10 Plagues of Egypt

Moses casts the second plague, the Plague of Frogs. Seven days after Pharaoh had spoken to Moses , a plague of frogs had covered Egypt. Pharaoh did not budge and would not free the Hebrews of Egypt.

The third plague was the Plague of Lice. There was lice on all people and beasts across Egypt.

The forth plague was The Plague of Flies. So many flies infested Egypt at the detriment of everyone. This did not scare Pharaoh.

The fifth plague was the plague amongst the cattle. One by one, the cattle of Egypt started to die. Pharaoh still would not budge.

The sixth plague of Egypt was the Plague of Sores. Every person and remaining beast contracted sores on their body.

The seventh plague was the plague of fire and hail. Pharaoh called for Moses saying that he has sinned and he would change and let his people go. Moses called off the hail and fire. When Pharaoh saw that the hail and fire had stopped, he refuted his answer and said he would not let the children of Israel go.

The eighth plague of Egypt was the Plague of Locusts. Locusts came and destroyed crop and caused pestulence through out the land.

The ninth plague was the Plague of Darkness. Pharaoh’s heart was cold. For three days, Egypt was in darkness.

Lastly, the tenth and final plague was a blow to everyone. The first born of every Egyptian would die. This was on the night of Passover.

The Night Of Passover

Moses tell all of his Israeli followers to sacrifice a lamb and use the lambs blood to paint the door with blood and not to leave the house until the morning. As midnight approaches, a black mist enters Egypt, subsequently killing the first born of every Egyptian household. This includes Pharaohs only child, his son. Devastated, Pharaoh lets the slaves go with Moses.

Mass Exodus- Crossing The Red Sea

The Israelites are thrilled to be leaving with Moses to the promised land! All generations pack quickly and the mass exodus from Egypt begins. Pharaoh feels disrespected and decides that if the Hebrews will not remain as slaves, he will kill them all. He sends his soldiers and begins to corner them between his army and the Red Sea.

Moses calls out to God and God parts the Red Sea in two, so that the promised people could escape. When the soldiers try to follow them, God closes the Red Sea and the soldiers drown. The people are free from Pharaoh’s wrath!

The Ten Commandments

After three months of being free from Egypt, Moses went up to the Lord and God hands him the Ten Commandments. These ten commandments would be what the chosen people govern themselves on. The commandments keep the chosen people from doing evil from one another. These would be the laws of the governing tribes. This is the ark of the Covenant. But Moses sees his people making false idols, and disobeying the laws. He casts down the ten commandments and they break, causing Moses to have to go back to God to get them again. The people were ashamed and destroyed the false idols and focused on living a righteous life under the ark of the covenant.

After 40 years, Moses grows angry at God. Why must they wander so much? God expels him from the promised land. God forgives Moses.

Moral Lesson for Children:

Have faith in God. Even if you don’t understand the message right away, have faith. Secondly, follow the ten commandments. They are meant to honor yourself, your community, your world and ultimately God.

Bible Story For Children : Jonah and the Whale

Verse: Jonah 1:7


When God saw that the city of Niveah was acting wicked and full of sin, he called upon Jonah to be a prophet and travel to Niveah. He wanted Jonah to speak to the people about their wicked ways and turn their sites to following God. Rather than packing up and beginning his journey, Jonah decided to escape.

He decides to flee to a city called Jaffa instead to escape the Lord. He gets onto a boat. When a huge storm arises, the crew realizes that God must be angry at Jonah. Jonah agrees and says that if they want the storm to stop, they should throw him overboard. The crew disagreed. They will not throw Jonah overboard! As the storm persists, Jonah encourages them to put him overboard. Reluctantly, they do. As predicted, the storm immediately calms down and the sailors are safe.

Jonah is in the water and gets swallowed by a huge fish! For three days he is inside the fishes body. Jonah then prays to God to rescue him. God makes the fish throw up Jonah. He swims to land and is safe. God then asks Jonah again to go to the city of Niveah and preach to the wicked people there. This time Jonah listens.

The people believe Jonah and begin to fast and repent for their wicked ways. God sees that they are truly sorry and spares the city.

Moral Lesson for Children:

This is a great example and testimony of God’s forgiveness. Even if you make a big mistake, God is right there to take you back if you are ready to repent.

Bible Story For Children: The Birth of John The Baptist

Verse: Luke 1:5-25


Mary, the Mother of God was visited by an Angel. The Angel explained to Mary not to be fearful, but that she would be giving birth to the Son of the Highest and the Lord God. This would be the leader of the kingdom to no end. Mary asked how she could have a baby, she was a virgin and had no husband. The angel told her that The Holy Spirit will come upon her and the child will be born a son of God.

Mary headed for the hill country to visit her dear cousin Elizabeth. When Mary called out to Elizabeth and Elizabeth was full of the Holy Spirit. She called out to Mary, ” Blessed are you among women and blessed is this child you shall bear.” Mary then stayed with her cousin for three months before returning back to her home.

It is said that when both Elizabeth and Mary were pregnant, the babies both jumped inside their Mother’s wombs when they were close together.

When Elizabeth was ready to give birth, she had an easy birth and named her son John. It is said that when father Zacharias wrote on the writing table that his son’s name was John, it is said that Zacharias’ mouth opened and be spoke and praised God. Word had spread quickly on this hill town that this child would be very special.

Moral Lesson for Children:

Trust in God and Trust in yourself and your destiny.

Bible Story For Children: The Birth of Jesus

Verse: Luke 2: 1-20


When Ceasar Augustus decided that the whole world would be taxed, the people of Israel traveled to the places where they were from to be taxed as a family unit. Joseph was taking Mary to Bethlehem where he was of the house of David and he would be taxed there. Mary was very pregnant and expecting her son soon.

That night, three Wisemen arrive in Bethlehem with Gold, Frankensense and Myrrh. They arrive from following the North Star that was to lead them to the Son of God.

When Joseph and Mary arrive in Bethlehem, there is no room. A person offers their manger as there was no room at his inn. The two make a small bed of swaddling clothes. Shepherds in a nearby field are approached by an angel who tells them not to fear. ” I bring you good tidings and great joy that is coming for all people. In this city, a Savior who is Christ the Lord shall be born. You will find this baby wrapped in swaddling clothes in a near by manger.”

The Wisemen, shepherds and others come to visit Jesus, this young baby born in a manger to a virgin bride. They all rejoiced knowing this was the Son of God.

Moral Lesson for Children:

Jesus’ birth story reminds us that this great king was born of humble beginnings. Children will realize that the true kings are those that are humble and are one of the people. They will look for these beautiful traits in their parents and leaders in the community. They will model themselves after Jesus.

Bible Story For Children : Jesus Avoids Temptation in the Wilderness

Verse: Matthew 4:1-11


After returning from Jordan, Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit. He then was led into the wilderness by the Spirit. Jesus fasts for forty days and forty nights. He was so hungry. The devil came to Jesus and said “If you really are the Son of God, command God to make all of these stones into bread.”

Jesus refuses.

The Devil takes Jesus to the top of a holy city and at the top of the temple he tells Jesus, “If you truly are the son of God, throw yourself off of this temple. Your angels will catch you and they will protect you from the fall.”

Jesus refuses. “It is written that no one should temp the Lord your God.” He responds.

The devil goes up a very big mountain with Jesus and he shows him each and every kingdom of the world. He shows that Jesus can have all of this immediate glory if he will fall down and worship the devil.

Jesus refuses. The Lord God was the only person he would serve.

The devil gives up and leaves Jesus and the angels did come and minister to Jesus.

Moral Lesson for Children:

There will be many temptations to take the easy way out. There will be many times in life where your children will want to do a bad thing.They will remember how much Jesus sacrificed to honor God.

Bible Story For Children : The Sermon on the Mount

Verse: Matthew 5:1-2


Jesus has many followers and they follow him up to the top of a mountain. He teaches them saying:

jesus blessed be


Jesus gives his followers advice on following the law and watching out for false prophets. He teaches everyone to love one another, even your enemies as he loves each and every one of us. He teaches everyone the Lord’s Prayer and to remember the treasure that is heaven.

Remember the right way is usually the harder path but you will reap the benefits at the end.

This was the most powerful sermon known to people at this time.

Moral Lesson for Children:

This is a lesson for children who are introduced to Jesus’ teachings. Jesus has given our children and ourselves a framework on how to stay righteous in a world of adversity.  This powerful Bible Story for Children will set your child’s framework into Christianity.

Bible Story For Children: The Parable of The Lost Sheep

Verse: Matthew 18: 10-14

Bible Story For Children:

Is the Kingdom of God accessible to all? Of course, says Jesus. He shares a parable with his followers.

There is a shepherd with 100 sheep. One of his sheep wanders off. Does the shepherd forget about the one sheep when he has his ninety-nine? The other sheep have obeyed him and stayed with him. Shepherd goes to look for the lost sheep to bring it back to his flock.

Moral Lesson for Children:

Even if you make a mistake, God is there to take you back to his flock if you need him. Be sure to be sorry for what you have done and you will always be welcomed back to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Bible Story For Children: Jesus Feeds A Multitude of People

Verse: Matthew 14:13-21


Jesus has learned that his cousin, John the Baptist is beheaded. He then goes to others and begins to heal the sick. It amasses a big crowd.

As Jesus gave a speech to his followers, they had all grown hungry. There was over 5000 people listening to him. Jesus instructs everyone to give up the food that they had and give it to him. Jesus would then divide the food amongst the people. In a few minutes, Jesus receives five loaves of bread and two fish. Surely he could not feed 5000 people with so little!

Jesus puts the food in a basket and begins dividing the fish and bread and distributing it to the people. No matter how many people are receiving the food, the food never runs out! This is the first miracle mentioned in the Bible.

Moral Lesson For Children:

Jesus’ love will supercede all of your expectations if you believe. Stay faithful and you will be full and nourished from Christ’s teachings.

Bible Stories for kids PDF

Bible Story For Children: The Prodigal Son

Verse: Luke 15: 11-32


Jesus speaks of a Father and his two sons. One day, the younger of the son asks his father to give him his inheritance. The other son wants to stay with his father and work on the land. The younger son receives his inheritance and ventures off to a far away country. He wastes all of the money by living poorly and spending his money over the years.

Soon, the younger son finds himself sleeping in a pig sty. He comes back to his father penniless.”Father”, the younger son plead, ” I have spent all of the inheritance frivolously and I have failed you. Please take me back a servant to you.” His father would not have it. He orders his servants to make the most delicious feast for his son coming back.

The Son Comes Home

When the elder son returned after a day of working and realizes his younger brother is back, he is angry. This brother did not stay and tend to his father’s land. The elder son was faithful, hardworking and a loyal family member.

The father tells his elder son that he should be merry, his younger brother was dead and is now alive again, for what is lost has now been found.”

Moral Lesson For Children:

This is the ultimate understanding for your children to comprehend true forgiveness. This will be one of the first stories that their loyalties are tested and they begin to comprehend problems that are bigger than just black and white situations.

Bible Story For Children: The Last Supper

Verse: Matthew 26:17–29; Mark 14:12–25; Luke 22:7–38; and I Corinthians 11:23–25


Jesus is aware that he is about to be betrayed and turned into the Romans. He is also aware who is going to betray him. Jesus breaks bread and shares supper with the twelve disciples. He shares that the bread is like this body and the wine is like his blood.He encourages them to act like him to others once he is gone.

During supper, he lets them know that he will betrayed by one of them. The Disciples are appalled. Who is it? Jesus says he will be betrayed with a kiss. Judas had already been paid by the Romans for his betrayal. After he broke bread he left.

Moral Lesson For Children:

We see that trust is so important with the Lord, Jesus and his teachings and so much more.

Bible Story For Children : Jesus is Condemned and Crucified on the Cross

Verse: Matthew 27:32-56


On Friday, Jesus wakes up and goes to pray on the Mount of Olives. Judas approaches him and embraces him in the kiss of betrayal. Jesus is arrrested by Roman guards as Judas has secretly exposed him as the person calling himself the Son of God.

The trial of Jesus begins and Puntious Pilate asks Jesus if he is King of The Jews. Jesus answers that his kingdom is not of this world. So Pilate decides to let the people decide. Do they want to save murderer Barabbas of Jesus? The crowd overwhelmingly wants to save the murderer over the Son of God.

Jesus is crowned with a crown of thorns and whipped. He is given a huge cross to carry to his crucifixion. “Heil the King of the Jews” is a sign upon his cross meant to mock him. Jesus is spat on and hit. Simon volunteers to carry the cross for Jesus. The crowd continues to mock Jesus.

They nail him to the cross and he is between two criminals. One asks Jesus for forgiveness and Jesus prays with him.

At three p.m., Jesus cries out ” My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Other mockers run a sponge in vinegar and place it into Jesus’ wounds. They mock him to save himself since God would save his son. Jesus would not call on God. Jesus dies on the cross. He is buried in a cave by a wealthy follower. On Sunday, two followers, Mary Magdalene and Mary the wife of Cleophas went to visit the body of Jesus but the cave was open! They were met of risen body of Jesus.

Moral Lesson For Children:

Have faith and keep your faith! Even in times where it will cause you great pain and people will not agree with you. Your children will learn about ultimate sacrifices and how to keep your faith even in times of deep trials and tribulations.

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