25 of The Most Popular Baby Shower Games (With Free Printables!)

Popular Baby Shower Games- If you’ve been assigned the exciting task of planning a baby shower where do you begin? There are so many things to consider that you have to make sure to cover all of your bases. The one thing you absolutely can’t forget is including fun games for everyone to play!

Before you start doing your own research, check out a list Shutterfly created that compiles 25 of  baby shower games. To help make your life easier, they even include free printables that you can use for some of the games.

Virtual Baby Shower

Can’t throw a traditional baby shower? check out this virtual baby shower ultimate guide. We have a list of great games, step by step organization and more!

Once you’ve found the perfect games to play, don’t forget to select a cute theme, send out the invitations and choose a menu that the mom-to-be will love.