Fresh Body has great lotions to help keep your body cool and fresh! We got the opportunity to try their Fresh Feet and Fresh Baby’s Bottom lotions to treat our feet and keep our babies bum fresh!

Fresh Body is not a shrinking violet when it comes to lotions. They also boast their popular Fresh Breasts and Fresh Balls lotions, so men and women can keep their whole body, clean, fresh and hydrated.

Fresh Baby’s Bottom Lotion is hypoallergenic and talc free! It has not been tested on animals and applies as a soothing cream. It dries as a cooling powder and prevents wetness and anti-chafing. When we tried it, what we liked is it was virtually scentless and was thick coming outbut did not leave a sticky film on the surface. We kept our baby’s bum dry and a happy baby means a happy mommy!


Afterwards, we decided to treat our abused feet to Fresh Body’s Fresh Feet. This lotion was also talc free and hypoallergenic. Fresh Feet is great for people who have sweaty feet that leave and odor. Unlike competitors, Fresh Feet does not leave that powdery mess but applies on like a lotion. We know we have to treat our feet better and so before bed, we applied Fresh Feet every night. We did not have to worry about sweaty, greasy feet from other lotions!


Fresh Body has no nonsense lotions that address issues that some people can be too shy to talk to about. Whether it is a sweaty pair of feet or making sure your baby’s bum does not chafe, Fresh Body is a great lotion for both you and your little one!