Sometimes a family has to make a tough decision for a loved one. We find the parents we love being placed in a hospice and we are afraid to leave our family in a hospice. When a person we love has been diagnosed with a terminal illness (Whether it is a parent, a spouse or a child) we worry about their care in their final days. Many of us do not know what a hospice is or what it does. Ellen Jane Windham has been a hospice nurse for over fifteen years. Now, she has written a book about her time in the field of hospice care. She has also been close to those in the hospice and in her book, Hospice, The Last Responder, she answers these questions and gives guidance of the whole hospice process.


Some of us may be in denial when a loved one is recommended to go into a hospice. We don’t want to plan a funeral or we may not even know what our loved ones final wishes are for funeral and burial. However, for your loved one and your family, it is integral to know the wishes of others and to have a realistic outlook on death, as we do on life.

Have you ever wondered what a hospice is and what it does for your family? Where are hospices that are close to you? Do you have a clear understanding of medications that your loved one nees and what the hospice can provide?

We want our readers to understand that hospices provide “a quality of life not imminent death.” Even though we wish that you and your families never have to make these decisions, we know that many of us will. Ellen Jane Windham does a great job of explaining hospice and hospice care in terms everyone can understand, while bringing her personal expertise, compassion and care to the book. We recommend all families pick it up to read.

Even though we don’t like making these tough decisions, we have to. Let Hospice, The Last Responder guide you through these difficult times or have a good understanding of hospice care. When you have to make decisions, you will be ready with this book.