Texas Farm Girl learns so much from her grandfather and working on his farm. The farm life is rewarding but hard work and it can be devastating when a big storm comes and rips up the farm. This is what author Rebecca Crownover teaches her young readers.



Inspired by her upbringing in a small Texas farming community, this book is perfect for children ages 5 and up who may have chores of their own or for families who are trying to teach their children the importance of hard work and ultimately, family.

We love this book for many reasons. First, it has farming terminology which is fantastic for children to learn, especially if they do not have the exposure of a rural family. We enjoy the many messages in this book, that life is not perfect but family sticks together, that hard work pays off and the bond between a grandfather and his granddaughter. Their are also interactive questions for parents and children to talk about inside the book. The questions are perfect because they are not ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions but they really get your child involved.

Farming is the backbone to many countries and it is important for children to learn the hard work, dedication, love and time that goes into our land. If you want your child to learn the value of hard work, the importance of a family bond and to learn some interesting terminology and tips from those who farm, this book is a fantastic staple for any young readers library!