Strategies for controlling seasonal allergies

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While researchers continue to focus on a vaccine to control allergic responses, there are steps you can take now to help moderate the effects of allergens during peak seasonal-allergy times. Here are some time-proven tips to take control of seasonal allergies:

1. Minimize outdoor activities in the morning. Pollen counts are typically highest during the early hours of the day. Whenever possible, avoid outdoors activities during these hours.

2. Change clothes frequently. When you arrive home, especially after working outdoors, change clothes and take a shower to get rid of as many allergens as possible.

3. Close windows. If you suffer from allergies, resist the temptation to open up the windows to the pleasant springtime air. Many people like to sleep with windows open during the spring, which allows more pollen to enter the home.

4. Keep the indoor air as clean as possible. Use a high-performance air purifier such as the IQAir HealthPro Series to remove allergens from the air. Also, vacuum frequently with a high-performance HEPA vacuum cleaner to remove allergens that have settled from the air.

These simple steps can reduce the levels of airborne pollen in your air at home, easing your springtime allergies and helping everyone in the house breathe better during periods when seasonal allergies are at their highest levels.

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