How Much Do You Love Me

Have you ever had your children ask you, “How much do you love me?” We want to describe to our children that we adore them so much but sometimes the words do not come to us. We want to write it on birthday cards, say it to them everyday and more so they know how much they are truly adored. Little ones hang onto words and they need words of affirmation. We have the best answers to how much you adore them to help you describe your love to your loved ones!

How Do You Answer How Much Do You Love Me?

When someone asks you how much you adore them be sure to answer honestly. Showing your true affection and adoration for someone can really change their life and it might just be exactly what they need to hear.

Why Does Someone Ask “How Much Do You Love Me?”

There are many reasons why someone, especially a child will ask, “how much do you love me?” They may be asking these questions for many reasons. Firstly, they might be having a bad day, week or time in life and want to hear why they are lovable. Secondly, they may need a pick me up. Lastly, they need your comfort and affection even though everything may be okay. Whatever the reason, you are loved and your loved one wants to know why they are loved in return.

Being honest and open about your unconditional adoration means that you can be doing a lot of good even if you don’t know it. We know many people who have lost loved ones regret not saying “I love you” before the last time they saw them. Telling someone that you adore them so much makes them feel important, wanted and love. There are a few needs that human beings have. Food, water, shelter and love. If you can supply a feeling of adoration to another person, you will never know how deep the service you have done changes the life of another person. Sharing love for another person is life changing, especially in times like these.

The Best Answers To How Much Do You Love Me

Telling someone that you adore them is a beautiful act. You can change someones life with your truthful and kind words. Here are some direct and indirect ways to answer your loved one when they ask how much you adore them.

1. I love you to the sun and moon and back.

This is a beautiful way of expressing how far of a distance your adoration and affection goes for another person.

2. We would move mountains and rivers for you.

This is a way to describe that you would go to great lengths and great strengths to show you affection and devotion to another person.

3. I love you this much! (expand arms as far as you can).

This answer is perfect for children so they can see how wide you are extending your arms. It can become a game of who can extend their arms the longest. Children usually love this explanation.

4. As long as the sun rises everyday, I will always love you.

As long as the world is still spinning, your love will be there for your loved one.

5. I could not imagine my life without you.

Life is just forgettable if your loved one is not in it with you.

6. You are my entire world, I adore you so much.

To be someone’s entire world is a powerful statement to how much they are loved and appreciated.

7. I adore you more than anything else in the universe!

The universe is a pretty big place. We have not even explored a fraction of it. However, your  adoration is greater than the universe itself!

8. How did my life exist before you were in it?

The person who chooses this quote can’t imagine a time that their loved one was not in their lives.

9. I can’t imagine a time before you.

Like the previous quote, life begun when you were in it. This is a perfect way to make someone understand your adoration for them.

10. I could never live in a world without you.

Your loved one belongs in this world and you can’t imagine them not being in it.

11. You are what dreams are made of.

Dreams themselves cannot compare to what this person means to you.

12. The first time I saw you, I knew that my life would change forever for the best.

Whether the person you adore was born or came into your life later one, your life changed for the best when they became a part of your life.

13. I love you more than life itself.

Being alive does not compare or have weight to the amount of adoration you have for this person.

14. My devotion and adoration for you is immeasurable.

You cannot measure the adoration that you have with any scale available!

15. I love you as the years are long!

Years can feel long and that is how you can measure your adoration for your loved one.

16. You’re ahead by a century in my eyes.

Your loved one is years ahead of anyone else in the world.

17. You are a part of me, we are one.

You and your loved one have the same heart and it is like you are one person.

18. I am so thankful to have you to love unconditionally.

Showing that you are thankful can give someone a wonderful understanding of your adoration for them.

19. Love is the most powerful thing in the world and I send my love to you everyday.

Adoration is so powerful and day after day you send your affection to the one you love.

20. I will love you from the first time I met you until I draw my last breath.

You will adore the person in your life for as long as you live.

21. I love you infinity and back!

You will adore that person forever and all the way back! A powerful testament of true adoration.

22. You change my life with every smile.

With every simple smile, your life is changed by the affection of your person.

23. I am so thankful to have you in my life and I cannot picture my life without you.

Your life is not complete without your special person in it.

24. Love is the most strongest feeling known to human kind and you are the most important person in my life.

To give someone the most strongest feeling human beings can give, is powerful and really affirming.

25. As many stars there are in a night sky, is how much I love you.

There are an endless amount of stars so this is implying that your love too is endless.

26. You are one of the most important people in my life and I love you immensely.

To be someones number one person is affirming and makes a person feel great.

27. There are no scales on Earth to measure how much I love you.

There is nothing that is weighted on this planet that we can weigh to measure your adoration.

28. I would travel the ends of the Earth for you.

Traveling around the world to prove your adoration is a powerful statement.

29. I would die for you, that is how much I love you.

To value another person’s life above your own is the ultimate show of affection.


How Much Do You Love Me Quotes

You can describe your adoration for someone by quoting some famous love quotes. Whether it is from songs, books, poems or philosophy, you can make someone feel very loved by quoting a wonderful “how much do you love me” quote. Here are a few that are guaranteed to inspire you.

30. To quote Shakespeare, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”

Shakespeare counted the ways on how much his character loved. Quoting this well known quote is a perfect way to prove your adoration to this person.

31. “I love you in the morning and in the afternoon, I love you in the evening underneath the moon”. Sharon, Lois and Bram Skinnermarink song.

This quote is perfect for the children in your life. This beloved song also has a dance component to it that is perfect for families to participate in.

32. “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; love is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.” 1 Corinthians 13:4- 8a from the Bible.

The Bible describes adoration with such a powerful imagery, it is perfect to quote with your loved one.

33. “All you need is love, love is all you need.” John Lennon.

Adoration and devotion are the most powerful feelings and it is all anyone needs. With love you can achieve anything.

34. “We are most alive when we are loved.” John Updike

It is adoration and devotion that keeps us alive and brings us life.

35. “All of me loves all of you.” John Legend

This beautiful song by John Legend explores affection.

36. “You’re ahead by a century.” Tragically Hip

This wonderful song shows that the loved one is years ahead of everyone else.


Funny Responses To “How Much Do You Love Me?”

When someone asks “how much do you love me?” you can respond in a funny way. It will make the other person laugh but also let them know that they are truly loved. Funny responses to this question are memorable and can mean as much as sentimental questions. Here are a few of the funny responses to “how much do you love me.”

37. I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye.

This is powerful and hilarious.

38. I love you more than you love to snore.

For the snorer in your life, this is a funny one to describe adoration.

39. You are so loved, even though you can drive me crazy!

You can love someone even though they can drive you absolutely crazy!

40. I will love you to infinity… and beyond!

A great quote from Toy Story that will make your loved one smile!

These are just a few of the funny ways to express your devotion to another.

How Much Do You Love Me

When you are asked how much you adore someone, this is a powerful moment to truly express your love and devotion to that person. Whether it is a your child looking for affirmation or your partner expressing love and wanting it back, you have an opportunity to make someone feel safe, wanted and important with your affection.

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