Esme’s Birthday Conga Line

The book Esme’s Birthday Conga Line is a delight! From the hilarious and determined Esme to the wonderful characters from the uppermost floor of the topmost best building, you will watch as Esme plans her epic birthday party.

The Story

It’s Esme’s birthday and she wants to plan a birthday party for herself. She lives with her grandparents and though they are excited for her birthday, they did not plan a party. Esme decides to take matters into her own hands and begins to plan a perfect party. The characters she invites and her interactions with them will make both parents and children smile. Will Esme’s party be a complete success? Will she be able to celebrate her party with a pinata?

What We Love

There is so much that we love about this book. Firstly, Esme is respectful to her grandparents and her neighbors. This has to be said. She interacts with people of all ages and believes her community is family. This is such a community building book and promotes children enjoying the company of people of all ages.

We adore that Esme has a determined leadership personality but is still loving and understanding of her grandparents and community members. Secondly, this is a great chapter book to introduce to your child. It is lively and fun and we believe even the most reluctant readers will love this chapter book and flip through the pages. Esme knows how to command attention and your reluctant reader will give it to her. Needless to say, your advanced early readers will just devour this book. Lastly, the illustrations by Melissa Valdez are vibrant and fun. This book sticks into your head and you keep wanting more. Author Lourdes Heuer writes like glue, the characters, plot and story line just sticks to you. Your children will just want more and more. Who can forget El Toro, the wonderful cat that tags along for this fun birthday planning adventure?

Extra Credit

Have your children create an apartment building on a piece of paper. Or, if they currently live in an apartment, have them draw their own. Where do their imaginary or real life characters live? What are they like? ?Have them draw different apartments and plan their birthday party on the roof top. This is a fun art and writing project.

We love Tundra books and this is a great one to have in your personal or school library.

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