Push Presents For Dad

Push Presents For Dad – When you become a father for the first time, the entire experience is overwhelming. The labor experience can be scary when you are awaiting your child but trying to keep your partner as safe and as comfortable as possible. However, when your baby is here, your journey has just begun. Your partner’s body has worked so hard and you have to step up and take care of both your baby and your partner.

Many people want to buy a push present for Dad. Even though he was not the one pushing out the baby, he was the one who took care of his partner during labor, made sure his baby came out safely and possibly had to make medical decisions if the situation got intense. Here are some beautiful gifts for Dad when he becomes a father.

Who Gives A Push Present?

Push presents for Dad can come from many people. Firstly, your partner can be the one who gets you a gift. They may have had time to create something or buy you something very special. However, a Mom or partner has been going through a lot! Sometimes they are not able to get out and buy something. Push presents can also come from siblings, friends, in-laws and Dad’s immediate family. Anyone who is close to the father can get a push present.

Best Push Presents For Dad

Getting a little something for Dad to honor his “Dadness” will be a memento that he will never forget. Having a child, especially a first child is one of Dad’s most proudest moments. Why not honor that with a little gift? Push presents are usually for the person who is giving birth, but a Dad gift is always nice and appreciated. We have some great ideas that Dads are going to love.

Gifts For New Dads At Hospital

It has been a day, maybe a few days and Dad is at the hospital. There are some great gifts for new Dads at the hospital. We have some great ideas to help inspire you.

Bump Boxes

Perfect for new Dads, the Bump Box is a great gift for a new father. From a handbook to a keychain to even a pair of socks, the Bump Box will be a great addition for any new Dad to have.

A Newspaper on The Day of New Babies Birth

This is such a great and small sentimental gift that will mean so much to Dad to be. What was happening in the world when baby was born? From the weather to the world happenings to the major sports events, baby will always be able to reflect on what was going on in the world they day they were born. This is a keepsake for an entire family that they can have for a lifetime.

For The Coffee Lover- A Coffee of the Month Club

A monthly subscription to a coffee of the month club is perfect for Dad. It is like getting twelve delicious gifts through out the year. For those busy days and nights, it is always nice to have a good cup of coffee. Secondly, Dad is trying something new and doing a little something for himself. It does not require a lot of effort and it is a delicious gift.

A Personalized Children’s Book For Dad

Giving Dad a personalized children’s book for the day of his child’s birth is something that they can read together over and over again for years to come. This sentiment will always be remembered. Secondly, many companies do a fantastic job at making sure the animated characters look like the gift receiver. Kids will love that their Dad is in a book and Dad will always remember the kind gift he was given at the time of his child’s birth.

Dad Coffee Mug

Give him the gift of a good drink in the morning with a personalized Dad coffee mug. Whether the mug has a funny saying or sentimental saying, this Dad will love his mug as he wakes up every morning to be with his kids. This gift will be used for years to come.

A Journal

This is a powerful gift. As we evolve, teaching others to journal their feelings and thoughts on the day are so important. Having a journal as a Dad can be therapeutic, relaxing and great for mental health. Buy a special journal for Dad to be in your life to document his early days as a Dad.

Audio Book Membership

For the reader in your life, get an audio book membership. With this membership, your Dad to be reader can get any book he wants and can enjoy reading in his spare time.

Jogging Stroller

For the first time Dad who wants to stay fit, get this Dad a jogging stroller. He can run with his little one right there and start bonding over time outside. Both Dad and baby get out regularly to see the neighborhood and take a jog and everyone stays healthy.

Diaper Bag For Dad

Diaper bags are for Dads too! Dad will be out and about with baby, he has to come prepared. With a diaper bag, Dad can pack bottles, diapers, wipes and so much more. Now Dad and baby can hit the town prepared for anything that comes their way!

Infant Hand and Foot Stamp

Many hospitals no longer stamp your child’s hands and feet when they are born. This is a great way for parents to reflect how small their little one’s feet were when they were first born. Gifting Dad the infant hand and foot stamp so he can do the honors is a great keepsake for the entire family.


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A Diaper Friendly Backpack

For the “out and about” Dad, this diaper backpack has space for all of those baby necessities. Help Dad be prepared when he is out with his little baby with this fantastic idea.

Funny New Dad Gifts

A funny gift for a new Dad will be something that they remember forever. Funny gifts make us laugh but also make us appreciate the new milestone that we are entering. Here are some great funny new Dad gifts that the new Dad in your life are going to love.

Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

It’s time for the Dad in your life to start his life long journey of telling the corniest and worst Dad jokes imaginable. It is a right of passage! This book promises to do just that and so much more. Get this Dad to be started on his new life long career as a Dad Jokester.

Parents Decide Coins

When you start those first few months of  getting up with the baby, it can be exhausting. Who should change the diaper or feed the baby? Use these Parents Decide coins to make the choice! This gag gift will make everyone laugh. It will probably go to good use on those long nights.

Dad’s Sippy Cup

A hilarious glass that will be put to good use, the Dad’s Sippy Cup will be something he covets over these busy parenting days.

Dad Joke Mug

There is a Dad joke loading and it’s coming from this new Dad! This Dad Joke Loading mug is a perfect gift for any

Luxury push present ideas

If you want to spoil Dad will a luxury push present, there are many options that you can use to get him that luxurious gift. Here are a few suggestions to get that luxe gift for Dad to be.

Shiatsu Back, Neck Massager with Heat

This deep tissue 4D kneading massage is perfect for a new Dad to be. It is actually a great family gift as it is perfect for Mom to use also. After a long day, simply place this Shiatsu massager around your shoulders and enjoy the massage. This makes a perfect father push present.

A New Personally Engraved Watch

Give your Dad to be a gift of time with a new personally engraved watch. There are many options for the engravement. One we suggest is getting the date of birth for their child. If you like, leave room for more future birth dates if the family decides to have more children. Watches are a wonderful, sentimental luxurious gift.

A Weekend Getaway For Baby Mom and Dad

Once everyone is comfortable to take a getaway, family and friends can each donate some money for the family to have a nice overnight or weekend getaway. Choose the hotel of your choice and donate money for a gift card. A family getaway is a nice way to relax and bond.

Sentimental Push Present Ideas For Dads

If you want to honor the special Dad to be in your life, consider a perfect sentimental push present idea for the Dad in your life. Here are some great sentimental push present ideas for Dads.

The Day You Became My Dad Star Map

After the baby is born, have a star map created for that Dad to be. Choose the babies birth date and frame the star map for that special Dad in your life. You can have it inscribed. The Dad in your life will cherish this for a lifetime!

The Day You Became A Dad Frame

Honor the day this Dad became a Dad by buying him a personalized picture frame. Have the frame inscribed “The day you became a Dad.” He can then add a picture of the baby and himself when the baby was born. A lifetime keepsake father push present that will never be forgotten.

These are just a few of the many different sentimental Dad gifts you can get the new Dad to be in your life.

Push Presents For Dad

Whether you want to get a little something for the new Dad in your life or a luxurious over the top gift, the fact that you thought of someone during an amazing milestone in your life speaks volumes. We hope that our list of presents for Dad inspires you to find the perfect gift for your Dad to be.