4D Ultrasound Toronto

4D Ultrasound Toronto – Toronto is the biggest city in Canada with a lot of options for pregnant people to find a 4D ultrasound. There are many reputable and comfortable places that are perfect for you to have a wonderful 4D ultrasound experience. In this article, we are going to show you the best places to go in Toronto for a 4D ultrasound. All of these places come highly recommended and ready to help you. They are kind, compassionate and your care is their upmost priority.

What is An Ultrasound?

An ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of the subject inside your body. For pregnancies, an ultrasound can give people an image of their baby. It helps professionals see your baby and assess some aspects of the babies health.

The Difference Between A 3D and 4D Ultrasound

There are many differences between a 3D and 4D ultrasound.  Firstly, a 3D ultrasound creates a 3D image of your little one’s body. This gives you some details that you would never see on a 2D ultrasound. Alternatively, the 4D Ultrasound takes several images and forms it into a “video” that you can watch. For some parents, this really allows them to bond with their baby as they see them move. Parents can also see the child’s expressions and features. Both a 3D and a 4D ultrasound offer parents a keepsake that can last a lifetime.

4D Ultrasound Toronto- The Best Places

We want to recommend you the BEST 4D ultrasound places in Toronto. We are always checking this list and updating it with even more great Ultrasound specialists in Toronto. Since Toronto is a big city, be sure to check the address of each recommendation and compare it to where you live. You don’t want to be coming from Vaughan to Front Street downtown for an ultrasound! That is why we try to cover as many areas as possible.

We want to recommend the best to you! That is why we check reviews. We base our findings on a number of factors.


We love the GTA but we know people in Toronto do not want to travel to Ajax or Oakville for an ultrasound unless it was close to their work. That is why we make sure that our recommendations are in the city.


We know that reviews can be skewed so that is why we spend a lot of time reading reviews and looking for consistent comments. We want to make sure our readers feel safe with a friendly and professional team who is going to make them feel relaxed. Secondly, we want a team that understands that these moments are a milestone for you and that they are giving you not only information and an ultrasound but a memory that will last a lifetime.

Level of Care

Being in your third trimester is not easy! We want to make sure you are walking into facilities where you are not just another number. We want people to put you at ease, be able to book you in during a reasonable time frame.

Remember in Toronto…

There is a good joke about Toronto that it takes an hour to get to Toronto from Toronto. Traffic is busy, at all hours during the day. It can be extremely busy and unpredictable during rush hour in the morning and at night and during a time where there is a festival or a game in the city. Make sure when you are looking for your perfect 4D ultrasound place that it is rated high and relatively close to you. If this is not possible, give yourself a lot of time to get to the ultrasound place and keep informed about the latest traffic report. Depending on the time of year, weather can play a significant factor in delays so make sure you get the latest weather report in your area.

The Best Places For A 4D Ultrasound in Toronto

Toronto is a great place to raise a family but it is a big city. You deserve a place for ultrasounds that is close by. You certainly should not have to leave the city to go to the GTA if you do not want to. Despite the short distances, traffic can make this very difficult. Here are the best places for a 4D Ultrasound in Toronto:

UC Baby

They make every minute special. This is a great comfort to families. UC Baby has an incredible reputation and they specialize in both 3D and 4D ultrasounds. Located at 525 University Avenue, this is a great place for Torontonians to access. The best subway station would be St. Patrick’s Station, which is just two blocks south from UC Baby. It is public transportation friendly.

We love that UC Baby has many packages and options for you to choose from. They give a lot of love and care to each client. Their massive reviews speak for themselves!

A Date With Baby

This 4D and 3D ultrasound facility is loved so much by its patients, they have multiple locations across Toronto and the GTA. A Date With Baby goes that extra mile for clients. From gender reveals to 4D ultrasounds, this place has it all. They also offer plush toys with your babies heartbeat and party items.

They understand that this a momentous occasion for you and they are prepared to go above and beyond for your special moment. There are packages and specials so be sure to choose which one is best for you. In Toronto, they are located on 20 De Boers Drive, Suite 220. This is slightly North of Sheppard and Allen Road. Just take the 401 and get off North of the 401 on Allen Road.

3D Baby Vision

3D is in the name, but 3D Baby Vision offers 4D imaging as well! Though there are many locations across the GTA, 3D Baby Vision offers 4D imaging in Toronto. There are many packages that you can choose from that can suit your needs. Pick the package that works best with you and your family.

The Toronto location is located between Lawrence and Dufferin.

Baby 4D Ultrasound

For all of your Scarborough residents battling traffic to get to different parts of Toronto, Baby 4D Ultrasound makes it that much easier for you. Using top of the line equipment, the staff is ready to serve you both in English and Mandarin.

Located on Finch Avenue East, this is a great location for so many families to enjoy.

4D Ultrasound Toronto

To get a special 4D ultrasound is not only a fun time for families, but it is being a part of your babies milestone. You will remember this day for years to come and be able to tell little stories of what your child looked like and what they were doing in their 4D ultrasound. As Toronto grows, we will continue to post top places to get your 4D ultrasound across the city. Be sure to keep checking back with us! Toronto is a beautiful city and a perfect place to raise your little family!

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