Active Dads Rule Parade- The last time we spoke to Active Dads Rule, they were working hard on spreading awareness for Fathers in the homes, with families and within their communities. This is a movement for Dads to feel empowered and make an impact in communities all across the world. Coupled with their new clothing line, ADR went into schools and began the integral work of helping children whose families are economically vulnerable. Now, we see Active Dads Rule attending a local parade. However, there was magic that day that is not to be measured.

Parade Prep

As owner of Active Dads Rule, Derrick is always looking for opportunities to speak to people about his passion, helping his community. In his spare time, he has been fixing up a vehicle, which has been a wonderful project his family has gotten involved with. The vehicle, affectionately named Celina after his wife Lakisha’s mother, has been a conversation piece with the neighbors.

celina derrick culpepper

Derrick decided to participate in the parade and bring his two passions together. Firstly, he would use his vehicle to be the center focal point of his participation in the parade. Secondly, he would bring local Dads to help promote Active Dads Rule and everything it is about. He would make customized shirts for the Dads, Moms and children who choose to join.

Parade Time

The parade was like any other, filled with smiling faces and fun participants. However, people were asking about ADR and Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents were asking how they can help. Derrick made some important new

Male figures in the school system. Derrick has been invited to event to speak about being a dad in schools and the community. The community came together not only for the parade, but to check out Derrick’s new ride and ask more about Active Dads Rule.

Currently, Derrick has been invited to speak at schools and will continue to do so in the new year.

What’s Next

Derrick goes into 2024 excited about helping families be more active in their communities and lift up vulnerable youth and families to achieve their goals with ease.

We also are excited to see a new line of Active Dads Rule mugs which can be a great Christmas gift or even a “Just Because” present for the special dad in your life.

jeff winget photography
PHOTO CREDIT” Jeff Winget Photography

Who Can Be Involved

Active Dads Rule is a place for Father’s to be integrated into helping children and their communities. They are there to provide a father figure for those who do not have one and to encourage children to achieve their goals in a safe space. However, not only Dads can be involved!

All professionals, Moms, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are encouraged and welcomed to join Active Dads Rule. Only as a community, families can succeed in building a safe and active community who cares about their members and is there to help.

If you have an idea or want to invite Derrick to speak, you can reach out on the Active Dads Rule website. Derrick was featured in He has appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Bishop TD Jakes Show, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and he and his youngest daughter helped inspire the Oscar winning short film and book Hairlove.

We would like to thank Jeff Winget Photography for the labelled photos. You have to check out this wonderful photographer.

*Want a custom order? Contact Derrick at Active Dads Rule!

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