5 Milestones in Baby’s Development You Need to Know


Your baby’s first year of life is full of new milestones. It seems as if each week your child is learning and doing something brand new! Watching your child reach new milestones in their development is exciting. Throughout their first week of life, these are five milestones your baby will encounter.

Sitting Up Independently

When your baby learns how to sit up independently, the world opens up for them. It is exciting! Babies love to sit up and have toys placed in front of them. Around this time, parents can introduce solid foods, typically around six months old. Your baby should learn to sit independently between four and seven months old.

Getting Their First Teeth

Teething is painful, but an exciting milestone! According to one article, “Normally the first tooth erupts between ages 6 to 12 months. Gums are sore, tender and sometimes irritable until the age of 3.” Once your baby has a few teeth, their food options change. Most babies can munch on teething crackers and other fun bits of food. A baby’s first teeth pop out between four and seven months old, but some babies do develop teeth sooner or later!


Once your baby can crawl, the world is for their taking! Parents have to make sure to baby proof because little crawlers can get into everything. Crawling helps to develop muscles that will be used to learn how to walk soon.


Most babies learn to crawl between seven and ten months old. Some babies learn how to scoot on their bottom or roll to get themselves to a new location. Some babies skip crawling all together!


Parents long to hear their child say their first words, and most babies will say it within their first year of life. A baby uses his tongue, lips, and palate to create sounds. Soon, those sounds become words. Babies can say their first word as early as six months old, but most are between eight and ten months when babbling begins, according to this article.

Pulling Self to Stand

When your baby starts to pull himself to stand, you know that walking isn’t too far away in the future. It is the first stages of walking.  According to the information on this site, between ten and twelve months old your baby will start to pull up to a standing position with the aid of a sturdy object. That could be the couch, a table, or your leg!



Watching your baby complete these developmental milestones is bittersweet and exciting. It means your new baby is healthy and growing, but babies sure do grow too quickly! Enjoy all of the new milestones as your child grows.