By: Annie S


After I started breast feeding, there were so many benefits that nurses and consultants can tell you about, but you do not truly realize until it happens! Here are  five benefits to breast feeding!

1. Weight Loss-  I was overweight BEFORE I got pregnant. In the back of my mind, I was worried that my baby weight would stay on, which could put me in a bad health situation. However, when I had given birth and started to breast feed full time, the weight melted off! Having my little girl made me realize I should make better health choices and give her the healthiest milk possible, so I started eating better.  Breast feeding helped me lose weight and realize that I had to make better choices! I am on a new road to a healthier life!

2. The Bond- I felt a bond I never thought could exist, nourishing another human being, both of us so relaxed and calm. I am too much of a multi tasker and my mind never just calms down! It was nice to relax and enjoy my child, which leads me to number 3…

3.I Learned How to RELAX- I am going to admit, I am always on the go. Something always needs to “get done.” I worry a lot and my mind does not shut off. Breast feeding made me present in the moment. It made me calm down and relax and enjoy.  I have a new outlook on life now. It’s to be calm. Calm is good! I worry way too much already, so its nice to just RELAX.

4. Time Management- I am guilty of starting tasks and not completing them. Now, in my daughter’s first few months I was on a feeding schedule. She let me know when she was hungry and I fed her. I had to plan out my day and plan what tasks were important and what could wait.

5. I Knew What My Child Was Ingesting- I knew with my new, healthier diet and good healthy choices that my child was getting the best I could possibly provide! I did not have to worry about what ingredients were in my child’s breast milk and I knew she was getting the yummy nourishment


There are obviously so many more benefits to breast feeding, but these are the five that stood out to me at this time! For new Moms to be who are interested or even curious about breast feeding, talk to your doctor or a local lactation consultant today!