March 9th is the day that Public Speaker and Children’s Advocate, Lauren Book’s children’s book, Lauren’s Kingdom is released. Like many authors, its a day of celebration, achievement and watching her story begin to enrich the lives of children globally. However, March 9th is not just a publishing date, but a milestone.

You see, Lauren’s story is a necessary one to tell. This is a story to teach children it’s okay to tell when you have been sexually abused. Yes, this is a tough topic to talk to with kids, but it is a necessary talk. The amount of children that are sexually abused are astounding and its time to take charge. Lauren does not only speak as an advocate, but unfortunately, from experience.


Lauren was sexually abused at the hands of her nanny. For years, Lauren was terrified to tell her parents about the physical, sexual and emotional abuse she experienced. When Lauren’s friend told her how she was treated was NOT OKAY, she took her former babysitter to trial. It was grueling, it was tough and it was necessary. Her abuser was sentenced.  Lauren was a hero for taking an abusive woman off of the streets. But that was not the end for Lauren Book. She made her experience into an empire of information, education and awareness for children and parent’s alike. Lauren’s Kids was born! The awareness, is vital. The support, is lifesaving.


Lauren Book wants to end Child Sexual Abuse. Sounds like a lofty goal? Not to us. Lauren needs all of us to stand up and stand by her. She has created so many programs and awareness around the globe. Let’s face the facts, 95% of sexual abuse is preventable and Lauren and her team are dedicated to arming children and parents with information and tools.


Lauren’s Kids is based in South Florida and educates adults and children about sexual abuse prevention through in-school curricula, awareness campaigns and speaking engagements around the country and the world. The organization also leads an annual, statewide “Walk in My Shoes” awareness walk across the state of Florida – 1,500 miles from Key West to Tallahassee – and provides more than 7 million education and awareness materials statewide through direct mail every year. The foundation has helped advocate for the passage of nearly two dozen laws to support survivors and protect children from predators. The ultimate goal is to prevent sexual abuse through education and awareness, and to help survivors heal with guidance and support.

So how can you help? Visit Lauren’s website with your family and check out the Safer, Smarter Kids program. Explore the whole website and ask your local school system to include a sexual abuse prevention program.  Most of all, thank Lauren, for sharing her story, for using her own experience as an example to help us protect our children and arming parents and children with the knowledge that unsafe touch is not okay.

March 9th is not just the date of Lauren’s children’s book  release but it is the first day that we all, as a global community, commit to the end of childhood sexual abuse. It’s not a lofty goal. Its a necessary one. Thanks Lauren.